How can I install Office 2000 SR-1a?

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How can I install Office 2000 SR-1a?

Postby bWFkdWNl » Sun, 15 May 2005 04:56:07 GMT

I have downloaded this update (SR-1a), but intallation asks for the Office 
2000 Premium disk. I have the install disks (update from previous Office 
version) but nothing indicates "premium". I am running Office 2000 
Professional on an XP Pro OS. I would like to install this update if 
possible. The message from the installer asks me to look for data1.msi. Data1 
is the install disk, but no msi. Any suggestions? Can't find this info on MS 

Re: How can I install Office 2000 SR-1a?

Postby Susan Ramlet » Thu, 19 May 2005 04:38:50 GMT

Hi, maduce,

Use the Windows Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet to see what
programs are installed.  You may have multiple versions of Office installed.
Uninstall what you don't need and run setup again.

If all else fails, run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove all
registry entries related to Office, then re-install from the CDs you have.
If your CD was an upgrade, you may need to provide proof of the previous
version before re-installing, so make sure you have all your CDs before
doing any removal.

This may also help:

325088 - OFF2000: You Are Prompted for the CD for a Product Other Than the
Patch You Are Installing:
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;325088

Susan Ramlet
MVP - Office

Please reply to the newsgroups where others may benefit.


Re: How can I install Office 2000 SR-1a?

Postby bWFkdWNl » Thu, 19 May 2005 07:31:01 GMT

Thanks Susan,
I am in contact with MS Tech support on this as well and they have suggested 
a particular method of installing SR-1a. I am going to update Outlook 2000 
(within Office 2000) to Outlook 2002 from the disk I received with the HP 
iPAQ pocket PC I just acquired. I thought it was a good idea to update Office 
2000 before installing this software - which synqs with the iPAQ. In 
addition. I am probably going to install XP SP2 in the near future.

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