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  • 1. converting Office 97 to a later version?
    Hi there I was wondering... I have Office 97 on my computer. Is there a download I can use to update it or convert it to Office 2000? Thanks CC
  • 2. Office Xp pro and licenses
    I f I buy a previously registered copy of Office Xp can I then buy a license from Microsoft , and if so, how do I do it? Secondly, does this give me the same rights as the restored owner? Thanks
  • 3. after installation of SP1/2 for Office XP: outlook slow
    hi i have never ever had problems with outlook 2002 (part of office xp) loading up slowly before, until i installed service pack 1 then service pack 2. it takes upwards of 10 seconds for it to load now. i couldn't figure out how to uninstall the patches, so i uninstalled office altogether, rebooted, and cleaned out the old directories. i reinstalled it, didn't put on the SPs, and still the same problems!!! any ideas??? thanks
  • 4. update from 97->2000; file type assocoation
    Hi all, just upgraded from office97 to office2000 on WinXP prof ed. I found out that the paths in the folder options>Filetypes>registered filet types for all office programs are stil pointing to the old office97 directory. Anybody knows why this is? And is there a patch which corrects this phenomenon? Doubleclicking on a file in explorer will open the correct program e.g. winword2000. regards WIlbert
  • 5. CAREFUL RE Office 200 Updates
    Hi Eddie, Exactly which update/files and at what URL did you use where you encountered this. ============= >>"Eddie Stott" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:06da01c362a8$cadec250$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... Be careful as there are other virus in Microsoft. While attempting to do an update on another computer for office 2000 I picked up a virus called "Win95.Spaces.FamilyVirus" from the Microsoft Web site. When I just contarcted them all they had to say was emmm that strange. Didnt even offer me help when it was their %^$#@@##%^% web site and virus that caused the problem <<

Office 2000 Update Help

Postby Jennifer S » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 23:24:41 GMT

When I try to do an office update, I get a specific 
updated to do.  I appear to be trying to run CDO 1.21, but 
I get an error messaget that I need to run a Microsoft 
Email Security Update first.  How do I find out what 
update to run?

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1.MS Office 2000 - Updates Help From MS???

It is my experience that nothing from Microsoft is free!!
Just try to get help from them when you have a problem, 
that is if you can contact a service/tech rep. I don't 
like hotmail because of the $ads, $popups,$etc. but mainly 
because it seems too controlling...I'll empty my waste 
basket when ever I want to ...thankyou!   
>-----Original Message-----
>Passport (hotmail account) is free (and useful). Create 
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>"Thomas" wrote:
>> I have spend quite some time downloading (I am 
>> to Dial-Up internet service only) an Office 
2000 "update" 
>> referred to as 2000 SR-1. After the download, I was 
>> required to insert Disc #1 of my Office 2000 
>> Professional...which I did and it 'configured' without 
>> problem. However, when asked to insert Disc #2 it was 
>> unable to not only read the Disc but it did not 
>> even 'start up' the drive (D: in this case)...that is, 
>> was as if there was no disc inserted. I attempted this 
>> numerous times but still no recognition of a disc in 
>> drive. When I put another disc in (ie., disc #1 
>> again) problem at all. I conclude that there must 
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>> not provide help unless I promise them my first born 
>> with cash!
>> I have attempted to contact MS for tech support but it 
>> seems that I need a passport/password...however because 
>> do not have a .com e-mail address or use msn hotmail I 
>> cannot receive a password. I have paid good money for 
>> Windows Office 2000 professional and find it very 
>> discouraging that I have to pay someone with MS to help 
>> with an MS product that appears to be faulty. That is 
if I 
>> was was able to contact someome at MS.
>>  Somebody Please help!! 

2.Office update detects update for Office XP and I have office 2000

Office update detects update for Office XP and I have office 2000 as well as 
XP as the OS.

What Office XP components might it be detecting?  I updated Outlook from the 
distribution CD as part of installation of ActiveSynch 3.7.1 for my Dell AXIM 
X50v PDA.

Are there any problems applying the Office XP updates in this circumstance 
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John Atkins

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4.Why is Office update showing Office 2000 updates to install, w

If I upgraded, do I need to keep the Office 2000 Premium on my laptop?  It 
causes problems when I try to download Office 2003 updates.

"Ryan Asdourian [MSFT]" wrote:

> If you upgraded but didn't upgrade all components of your Office 2000 
> installation you may still need some Office 2000 updates.  If you go to 
> Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs you may still see Office 2000 is 
> installed on your computer.
> Thanks,
> Ryan
> -- 
> This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
> "TerryB01" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
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