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    Seems that I am not the only one having this insert CD message...I upgraded to Office 2003 some time ago, but whenever I try to install updates, it is aking me for my old CD - which I no longer have.... Has anyone found a solution as of yet? I am trying to do this update so I can use Powerpoint 2003 which apparenetly needs an "update" in order to open my colleagues file sucessfully (* unless I use a previous version) I am not really technical... I am using XP-Home and Office 2003 - Please help! Val
  • 2. Office 2003 Professional compared to Small Business,+2 other quest
    I have Works 7.0 and Office 97 either one of which entitles me to an upgrade to Office 2003. Question 1 - I cannot tell what if any difference there is between 2003 Small Business and Professional editions. I did visit the page which purported to compare the different editions but I am still unsure of the distinctions between these 2 editions. Please advise. Question 2 - I am really only interested in Outlook 2003 and BCM. From what I have read, my only option is to upgrade to the entire Office Suite. Will I still be able to password protect files in Excel 2003 as in Excel 97? The spreadsheet in Works 7.0 did not have this ability. Question 3 - I am a one person business with a laptop and a desktop. Is there a feature which will allow me to use Outlook 2003 on either machine and sychronize the information?
  • 3. Project 2003 Sp1 for MUI - administrative installation point
    I'm trying to apply the Project SP1 for MUI to the administrative installation point for the Project 2003 MUI via msiexec msiexec.exe /p [path\name of MSP file] /a [path\name of MSI file] /qb [path\name of log file] But i get the following error that it cannot be installed because the program may be missing or the patch is for a differnet version. i have checked this over and over and the paths are correct and the SP1 is for Project 2003 MUI. Any ideas why this is failing or anyone else having this problem?

Office 2007 Beta 2 TR - Updated

Postby U0VI » Sat, 14 Oct 2006 20:05:01 GMT

Since I have updated XP and 2007 yesterday, each tile I try to open a new 
Office document (mail, .doc, .xls) the installation proces start again and 
fail. even if I switch off Officeplug in from Norton.
Thanks fr any help, it takes me twice the time to open a document.

Re: Office 2007 Beta 2 TR - Updated

Postby Josh Assing » Sun, 15 Oct 2006 00:53:00 GMT

I had this problem with regular old office -- actually; it has happened with any
program that uses MSI.

Get teh msi clean up tool; remove the entries that are trying to be installed.
If it's office -- then you'll need to reinsetall office.

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