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Download latest Office 2003 updates

Postby WGFiaWFu » Wed, 20 Apr 2005 13:51:01 GMT

I cannot download the latest two Office 2003 updates. The first is a security 
update, the second a French spellcheck & Thesaurus. I have tried the normal 
file size, the fullfile, with & without my installation CD. I have sufficient 
available disk space.
Any ideas?

Re: Download latest Office 2003 updates

Postby Charlie Tame » Fri, 22 Apr 2005 10:31:09 GMT

I am about to post my findings on this, ended up uninstalling and 
reinstalling MS Office and that took less time than the fixes so far 
published, and I think I know why it happened in my case but don't have a 
certain answer.


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just sitting in the Outbox. I wasn getting any error messages. Maybe the 
problem was with the ISP and I only noticed it after installing the updates 
for Office. Anyway, thanks for responding. I appreciate your trying to help. 
Housing Director

"Susan Ramlet" wrote:

> Hi, Housing Director,
> What version of Office are you using, and what program do you use for your
> e-mail?  Do you use an Exchange Server for your e-mail, or an Internet
> Service Provider with a POP or IMAP e-mail account?  Is the mail sitting in
> your Outbox?  Do you get an error message?
> -- 
> Susan Ramlet
> MVP - Office
> Please reply to the newsgroups where others may benefit.
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