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  • 1. XP hangs on shutdown cannot find patchQ307274 on update site
    since i uninstalled norton 2003 im having problems shutting windows down,occasionally it hangs ,please help
  • 2. Download of o2ksr1a
    My office 2000 crashes too often. I am prompted by Microsoft to download/install the file o2ksr1a.exe to my hard disk. It then says this file is already on my hard disk, do I wish to overwrite it? Now what? If the file is already there and is supposed to help the problem, why is MS suggesting I download it again?
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    My Office XP/Pro download review no longer completes the scan and identifies the needed updates, whereas my Windows scan works. Any help would be appreciated.
  • 4. SP1 for Office 2003
    When I install Office 2003 SP1 I get an error during the install where it is tying to find a file called ZF561407.CAB. This file does not exit on any Office CD that I have 97,2000, or 2003. This error during the install will not allow me to open Excel now. Eveytime I try to open Excel it tries to reinstall Office SP1. I have posted before and havbe not gottena response. My Outlook keeps closing and Microsoft says the patch (SP) will fix this. The file again is ZF561407.CAB. I have checked all of the Office 2003 Pro CD's (I am the network admin so I keep all of the copies that we get) and none of them have this file on it. I have checked Office XP and that does not have it. Where do I get this file? Help please. Joe Kearney
  • 5. OLE stopped working after installing Office SP3
    I'm using Office 2000 and I use Object Linking and Embedding (OLE - I embed Excel spreadsheets into Outlook's task reminder) by going to Outlook's menu (Insert, Object, Microsoft Excel Worksheet) and embedding an Excel worksheet into a task reminder. Now that I've installed Office Service Pack 3, it no longer works. I can see the object's I've already created, but I can't edit them. If I right click the object and click edit, nothing happens, and double clicking the object doesn't let me edit it either - it does nothing. So I uninstalled Office, reinstalled Office, installed SP1a and it was working again. Then I installed SP3, and it's not working. I can create more OLE spreadsheets, but as soon as I click out of it and then try to go back to it to edit it, I can't. Is there a registry setting I can tweak that will allow me to continue using OLE? THANKS!

Office update failed

Postby Hadley » Sun, 01 Aug 2004 01:25:58 GMT

I have MS Office 2000 and I tried to update from SR-1 to 
SR-1 Professional and I was asked to insert my CD's. I 
purchased my computer second hand from a school and as 
such I do not have the CDs in my possession (and I am in 
Europe now!). The error message I am getting is "MS Office 
2000 SR-1 Professional Setup Failed."

Now, everytime I try to launch Excel, it goes into Windows 
Installer mode, and then asks for the CD again in order to 
install MS Office 2000 SR-1 Professional. 

How do I undo this update? I really don't need it, and I 
can't access my CDs.


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