511153.winwordop.msp missing error from all office xp apps

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511153.winwordop.msp missing error from all office xp apps

Postby TWFyaw » Wed, 02 Aug 2006 00:00:02 GMT

I am receiving an error message when lauching any office xp application, 
update, or attempted uninstall.  

Error is missing 511153.winwordop.msp in c:\program files\office update\msp 
however that folder doesn't exist nor does the file.  It also doesn't exist 
on 3 other windows xp computers running the same office xp install.  This 
message doesn't appear anywhere on the office.microsoft.com website.  

Help?  Do any of you have manual cleanup instructions for office xp?  or 
somewhere I can DL this file from?

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