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  • 1. CMW and MSI
    Hi I'm trying to create a .prf file using CMW for Office XP I keep getting the message that CMW cannot use this MSI. Does this not work on Retail versions as I have tried stdret.msi and proret.msi. Is there a list of MSI that CMW can use. However it does work with outls11.msi which doesn't help much as 90% of my users are on Office XP Thanks
  • 2. AM i in the wrong newsgroup?
    I post this problem in this newsgroup,but no one give me an answer.Am i in the wrong newsgroup? Should i post it in some other newgroup? Paolo "Paolo" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > ha scritto nel messaggio news:eBPMpk$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Im using Office 2000 Premium (italian version) > If i go to theOffice Update site and i click on the automatic update link i > can't finish the search for the available update and i have a window in wich > is indicated > > In the folder Wuindows\Installer they are not the Windows Installer > correction files (files MSP) of the previous installed update. > For the same raison i can't no more uninstall Office > > How can resolve this frustating situatuion? > Thank in advance for help > >
  • 3. security update office installation unsuccessfull
    KB923097 KB924424 KB923094 KB923095 KB923091 KB923088 KB923272 I have tried to update these update and I get Installation unsuccessfull How do I fix this
  • 4. updates wont install
    Latest office updates wont install.error code 0x80070643. Done all the things listed to try to resolve this but updates still will not install. -- f18
  • 5. Problems with Office 2003 Update install?
    Iv'e read a number of threads here and in Windows update, seems a number of folks are having a similar problem and nothing on Microsoft's website address' the issue directly, unless I missed it:( My situation is - New Dell D820, OEM install of windows 2nd Ed and Office 2003 Professional. I have automatic updates turned on. As it should, Windows downloads the updates putting a "cute" little icon in the task bar. I click on the icon, it opens and I insure all updates are checked then turn off Norton Antivirus. It starts but on every install, it lists "failed". I then turned off both Norton Antivirus and Norton Firewall through Protection center to see if that helped it along, NADA. Then when I shut down my computer and reach the log-on screen, the computer appears to be attempting to install those "office updates", telling me DO NOT shut off my computer, it will shut-down when done, and it eventually shuts down. However, when I restart my laptop I find the icon is still in the task bar and no installs. Once again, I shut down and reach the log-on screen, again it's attempting to install those same updates, again NADA. Anybody know what's up with these updates? Thanks, -- S.D. If I am not back to you in a timely manner, I am letting the Big Dog hunt.

Patches KB 822026 and 824938 Office XP (2002)

Postby Le grand Georges » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 03:26:58 GMT

Excuse me but I speak English very very badly!
I write to French

J'ai SP1 et 2 install selon le rapport mes mises jour d'Office 
Impossible d'installer ces 2 mises jour, le programme Ohotfix.exe 
"tilte" que ce soit par la fonction Windows update,
ou apr thargement (prdu nettoyage des dossiers).
Si quelqu'un a une id, il en est ici, remercid'avance

Le log donne ceci :
The settings are:
        MessageTitle="Correctif de suritOffice XP WordPerfect 5.x 
Converter : KB824938"
MsiUpgradeURL=" http://www.**--****.com/ "
Making sure only this instance of the bootstrapper is running...
Making sure the environment is okay for patching...
Getting the patches...
Getting the products to patch...
Seeing if patch 
F:\DOCUME~1\Georges\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\MSCONVop.msp is needed...
The update failed.
Finished processing the update on 09/04/2003 at 19:18:28.
Encountered error 1635 while updating.
Launching Setup Watson...
Setup Watson manifest file: 
Setup Watson command line: "F:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Microsoft 

Bien cordialement Georges
Pour roudre le proble par vous me : 
Pour m'rire :  http://www.**--****.com/ 
Lecteur news MesNews  :   http://www.**--****.com/ 

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