Office 2003 update will download, not install, how can I corre

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  • 1. Office 2003 SP1 Installation Error
    When I install Office 2003 SP1 I get an error during the install where it is tying to find a file called ZF561407.CAB. This file does not exit on any Office CD that I have 97,2000, or 2003. This error during the install will not allow me to open Excel now. Eveytime I try to open Excel it tries to reinstall Office SP1. Any ideas about the file or how to remove the installation process so I can use Excel agian? Thanks! Gary
  • 2. Office 2003 SP1 Instal Failure
    After downloading the full version of Office 2003 SP1, and olso the online download/instal, all I get is a dialogiue that tells me "The update cannot be installed." Typical uninformative MS dialogue - not even an error number to make searching for the error easier! Anyone got any ideas the reason for this failure, or on how to over come it? If it will help I can e-mail the "OHotfix(0000x).log" and "OHotfix(0000x)_msi.log" of my various attempts at installing SP1. -- Tweet tweet Byg Byrd
  • 3. ...
    Hi Sloan I found the CD I originally used and sure enough the CAB is there. FYI it is MSFT part number 099-91944 Having found the CAB, i tried to execute again the SP. Bad news, after file extraction i now get a mesg telling me: Office 2003 Service pack 1 (SP1) The Update cannot be applied OK On hitting OK, the SP terminates... TIA Paul
  • 4. Office 2000 update failure
    I was trying to update my office 2000 with SP3 and it keeps failing. I checked previouly installed components and it looks like SP2 is installed. The following was in my windows error reporting in XP Pro. Any ideas? Thanks Steve. 8/9/2004 1:23 PM MsiInstaller Detection of product '{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A00000000001}', feature 'ReaderProgramFiles' failed during request for component '{D1682B7A-914A-412A-8064- 660E3E7E98E6}'

RE: Office 2003 update will download, not install, how can I corre

Postby c2t0 » Sun, 13 Feb 2005 15:27:01 GMT

I have Office PRo Edition 2003, I have always been able to get my updates 
without problem.  I also have run repair and then tried again, message is the 
Your download is complete"  install now.....then red letter message, "unable 
to install"   does not give reason why or any error message.
TIA for your help.

RE: Office 2003 update will download, not install, how can I corre

Postby R29vc2VbTVNd » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 07:33:02 GMT

What update(s) is this happening with?
This could be happening for a variety of reasons, your previous patches may 
have become corrupted, your installation may be additionally damaged, etc. To 
give me some detailed debugging information you can try downloading the 
update(s) individually from the Microsoft Download Center 
 http://www.**--****.com/ , try installing 
them manually (just double click). See which fail and what error message they 
give you.
Another option, in case your previous patch information has become 
corrupted, is to try the Windows Installer Cleanup utility, 
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;290301, but I 
recommend this as a final step before considering uninstalling and 
reinstalling Office.



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