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    Presently I have a Pavilion (Pentium 3) running with XP Home edition. I have a registered update copy of Office 2003 Profesional with 'Access' program installed and running on this Pavillion since 2/4/2005. I plan to uninstall this program and install it on my New Laptop. Can I do this? I purchased the Office 2003 UPDATE software at Home Depot 2/04/2005 for $249,and have the discs and package info available to install. Please advise Bert

Office 2000 SR-1 Premium

Postby CJB » Fri, 07 May 2004 01:13:34 GMT

Upon recently installing the above update (onto MS Office 
Premium 2000 running on WindowsXP), which never installed 
correctly in the first instance, I am now unable to 
remove or repair.  This is necessary as I am now having 
various Office problems which I believe can only be 
resolved by removing and the upgrade and reinstalling 
Office - can someone please advise alternative 


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2.Opening a CSV file makes MSI want Office 2000 SR-1 Premium disk (DATA1.MSI)

"Ant" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news:% XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...

>> I will check that out later tonight. I am pretty sure I have those Office 
>> 2000 converters installed. I even have 2007 converters installed.
> I was correct. Everything under "Converters and Filters" are installed. :(

Do children or other saboteurs use this computer? People who mess things up 
and then claim they don't know how it happened, sort of like politicians 
testifying in court? If yes, I'd back up all the data, reformat the hard 
disk, and reinstall the OS. But, that's just me.

If my computer was having this problem, I'd try importing the CSV file into 
Access. If that works, you could always export it to another type of file 
that Excel would be happy with.

Or, uninstall & reinstall Office. 

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Is this due to the fact that FrontPage 2000 (part of 
Office 2000) is now an "orphaned artifact", since 
FrontPage is no longer a component of Office 2003?  My 
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the form, fit and function of Office 2003?  Can any of 
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Event Type:	Warning
Event Source:	MsiInstaller
Event Category:	None
Event ID:	1004
Date:		5/18/2005
Time:		9:55:14 AM
User:		DOMAIN\Username
Detection of product '{00000409-78E1-11D2-B60F-006097C998E7}', feature 
'WordUserData', component '{8ADD2C93-C8B7-11D1-9C67-0000F81F1B38}' failed.  
The resource 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Word\UserData' 
does not exist.

Event Type:	Error
Event Source:	MsiInstaller
Event Category:	None
Event ID:	11706
Date:		5/18/2005
Time:		9:55:23 AM
User:		DOMAIN/Username
Product: Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Premium -- Error 1706. No valid source 
could be found for product Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Premium.  The Windows 
installer cannot continue.

0000: 7b 30 30 30 30 30 34 30   {0000040
0008: 39 2d 37 38 45 31 2d 31   9-78E1-1
0010: 31 44 32 2d 42 36 30 46   1D2-B60F
0018: 2d 30 30 36 30 39 37 43   -006097C
0020: 39 39 38 45 37 7d         998E7}  

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