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office update office 2003 sp1

Postby Q2h1Y2s » Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:41:03 GMT

I run office update and it tells me I need sp1, I click accept, the update 
downloads and fails to install. This is on a XP pro sp2 client on a SBS 2003 
network. Can not figure out why ine update will not install. Any help will be 
greatly appreciated.


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1.Office Update broken after Office 2003 SP1 applied

I applied Office 2003 SP1 and it installed without any problems. However, now whenever I go to the online Office Update it tells me that it can't complete the scan because of some problem. Office Update was working fine just before installing SP1, nothing else changed. Windows Update still works properly, so I don't think this is a Windows Installer problem.

2.Office update problem Office 2003 sp1 won't install

I have problems installing SP-1 for Office 2003.

I keep getting a failed installation message when I try to use the online 
update and the same message when I try to install using the full file.

I have looked at the registry as suggested and I have reinstalled office, 
still getting the same error.

Strange thing though, one of the other online updates installed no problem, 
please help I tearing my hair out.

3.Can't install Office 2003 SP1 or uninstall Office 2003 at all

  I downloaded the Service Pack 1 client install and ran it on my machine.
It seemed to be taking ages to install and the progress box wasn't moving
from 0% so I just shut-down the machine.  Upon restarting the machine, each
component of Office said SP1 next to it's version number on Add/Remove
Programs, however, upon trying to add a component by clicking on the Change
button in Add/Remove Programs or repair using the Detect and Repair on the
Help menu in each of the programs causes this error to appear everytime:

"This patch package could not be opened.  Verify that the patch package
exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to
verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package."

Also tried running SETUP.EXE from the original CDs and same thing comes up.

I did have an additional problem:  when trying to update my Logitech Webcam,
the Windows Installer setup said that an Office 2003 update was suspended
and it had to roll-back the changes.  So I had to click on YES to continue
the install and all the version numbers for all the Office components are
back to pre-SP1.  However, I can't remove Office 2003, as above, to
reinstall it and the Service Pack.

Any ideas?

Machine is Dell P4 3.06GHz, 512MB RAM, Windows XP Professional, 120GB Hard

4.Converting an Unmanaged Office 2003 SP1 to a Managed Office 2003 S


Can someone please help me?  I am trying to convert an unmanaged Office 2003 
SP1 Standard to a Managed Office 2003 SP2 Professional through Group Policy.  
I have created an MST File with the required settings.  I created a package 
in Group Policy to include the MST.  The deployment was successful, however 
an exisiting user does not grab the new settings that were applied on the MST 
File.  If a new user logs in, that user will grab the new settings.  

Here are the steps that I took:

1.  Deployed Office 2003 Standard SP2 via group policy with the MST File.  
(Existing user did not grab settings from MST File).  I have to deploy 
standard first before upgrading to Pro.  If I don't do this, then I would 
have Standard and Pro at the same time.
2.  Deployed Office 2003 Professional SP2 via group policy with the MST 
File.  I specified in the package to upgrade from the Office 2003 Standard 
SP2 package. Existing user did not grab settings from MST File.

I have tried different settings in Step 9 in the Custom Installation Wizard 
file by selecting and deselecting "Mirgrate User Settings."  Also tried using 
a .ops file with no luck.  Also I've even tried converting from unmanaged 
Office 2003 SP1 Standard to a managed Office 2003 Standard SP1.

Am I missing a step here?  Or is it even possible to have existing users 
grab the new settings from the MST File?  

Note: It works fine when upgrading from Legacy Office apps (Office 


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