Crash when opening calendar following windows update

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    I recently updated to Microsoft Office 2003 and none of my old documents will open with ofiice 2003. The error says that the file is unavialable. I can insert the file by going to the top toolbar in word and going to insert and then clicking file, but the file won't open when i click on it in my documents.
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    I try to check the Microsoft Office site for updates, and it checks my PC to 40% and then says it can't check my version of MS Office 2000 because (a) I'm not the administrator (I am), (b) a missing .msi file??? ..... I have a good hard copy of MS Office 2000 but can't get on-line Microsoft support. Can anyone help???
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    I've got about 18 computers running Office 2000 & am trying to update them. Is there a way I can create a CD with the update file(s), as well as anything I may need from the original; install disk so I can update each of them individually, rather than download or update each of them over the internet? Also, will each computer need the exact install disk that was originally used when Office was first installed?
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    Hi, Could you please help me with SP3 installation? I have an error message while working with forms: "Error Accessing file. Network Connection May Have Been Lost." The support web site recommends to make sure I have the latest service pack. When I checked the version installed in Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs, I could see MS Office 2000 Premium. So I downloaded Sp1, Sp2 (just in case) and Sp3. When installing Sp1, I receive the following errors: "Error 1328: Error applying patch to file c:\config.msi\PT43F.tmp" This repeats for 10 or so more files, and I click Ignore each time. When the installation is done, I reboot the computer. I check if the Sp1 is registered and it is. I apply Sp3, and receive the same error messages, for different 'tpm' files. I click Ignore each time. The patch applies successfully, but when I check the version in Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs, it only shows Sp1. However, when I check each Office components' About MS Word' or Excel . it shows Sp3 for each item. Why is it so, and how can I make sure that I do have the Sp3? If I do, I should not have the first error message any more, but I do. Thank you for your help, Aniko

Crash when opening calendar following windows update

Postby TWF0dFI » Sun, 02 Sep 2007 02:36:03 GMT

WinXP SP2, all windows updates applied
Outlook 2003, SP2, all office updates applied.

Outlook crashes with the standard "Problem has been encountered" dialog 
approximately 5 seconds after viewing the calendar. The calendar is displayed 
for those few seconds and appears to have the correct information in it. All 
other functionality within outlook appears to be fine. This was first seen 
viewing an exchange calendar. The same calendar works fine on other machines. 
This machine has had outlook repaired, then reinstalled, then uninstalled, 
reinstalled, updated - no improvement. Also tried creating a new profile with 
no connections to exchange, simply a new blank pst file. Same problem occurs.

Immediately before this, I had installed the two windows updates that were 
available this morning (one of which was the Daylight Savings Time update) 
and rebooted. I have uninstalled that update and tried the above again, but 
no joy.

Any suggestions of how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated. 

RE: Crash when opening calendar following windows update

Postby TWF0dFI » Sun, 02 Sep 2007 17:56:01 GMT

Problem found - the boot.ini of the machine had been changed to turn DEP to 
AlwaysOn rather than OptOut, changing this back cured the problem immediately.

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