Why does it take 254 minutes to download Office XP Service Pack 3.

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    update site is stating i am MAC but i am PC - why -
  • 2. How to check which hotfixes are applied to Office XP
    Hi I created an officeXP SP3 Administrative point and some of our team memebers have applied post OfficeXP SP3 hotfixes to it via Administrative install. They did not created any log files or any record of which hotfixes they applied. When i see inside the office XP MSI (Pro.msi), I could not get exact hotfix information. Could anybody please help me out how to find which hotfixes are applied to office XP MSI via Admin install. Are there any Microsoft KB articles and hotfix utility tools to find out the same. This is very crtical task and any help on this regards is much appreciated. regards Aneel
  • 3. Office 2000 SR-1 Update installation problem
    I just got a new computer - with Windows XP. I installed Outlook 2000 - a stand alone, for which I have the CD. I tried to install updates - starting with the Office 2000 SR-1a. When the download begins, I get an error message that the 'update didn't complete' , see log file Office 2000 SR-1 setup (xxxx).txt - with no instructions - other than to contact Tech Support. I looked around the Microsoft knowledge base, but didn't find anything to help. Any advice?
  • 4. Correct Version for Word 2003 Updated
    Hi, I checked on the Office 2003 SP 2 website for the correct version numbers for Word and Excel and the version numbers were off in the last four numbers. The version number installed is 11.6568.6568. Microsoft says it should be 11.6568.0. The thing is, Microsoft Update and Office Update says it is installed correctly so I'm just curious what the correct version numbers for the updated apps are so I know that I infact do have the correct files installed. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, hselburn

Why does it take 254 minutes to download Office XP Service Pack 3.

Postby d3ZkZWJieQ » Fri, 19 Nov 2004 09:25:01 GMT

Can you send me a CD? 5 hours is a long long long time

RE: Why does it take 254 minutes to download Office XP Service Pack 3.

Postby R29vc2VbTVNd » Tue, 23 Nov 2004 13:05:17 GMT

I apologixe for any inconvenience this has caused. Microsoft can provide you 
with a CD, request one here 

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