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  • 1. Office 2007 updates fail: KB946691, KB951808, KB950113, KB9501
    Thanks Peter. I've tried that as well. When trying to install each one individually from the downloaded packages, I get... "Running update detection, please wait." "Installing update, please wait." "The installation of this package failed." Any other ideas? "Peter Foldes" wrote: > Try and leave your installation CD in your CD ROM and then try the install > > -- > Peter > > Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others > Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged. > > "klh" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > > For months now I have been unable to install the mentioned office updates. I > > have tried using Microsoft Update, Office Update, and downloading and > > installing manually. I have run a repair installation as well, but still no > > luck. I have successfully installed other updates, but these four continue > > to give the "Installation Failed" error. > > > > Any ideas? >
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    This is an office computer and MS Office is apparently NOT authentic. Everytime I try to download updates, it asks for the CD. I brought my CD from home, it wasn't accepted. I ordered the free CDs from Microsoft, but these were also not accepted. Today, when the program crashed, I got the analysis report with the following suggestion how to override the demand for a CD: If you are asked for the original Office System CD-ROM If you are asked for the original CD-ROM you used to install Office and you don't have the CD-ROM available, make sure you are using the larger update files. To do this, follow these steps: Go to Office Update. Click Check for Updates. Office Update will check your computer for updates you need. After Office Update checks your computer, click Options in the upper right (just below the Go button). On the Options for using Office Update page, select Use larger update files that should not require access to my product CD or network installation location. Click Save. Office Update will check your computer again for updates you need. After Office Update checks your computer, click the Agree and Install button to install the updates. I did this, but it's still asking for the CD.
  • 3. Installing Office 2007 components after applying Office Service Pa
    I installed the Office 2007 suite without Groove, and applied the SP1 update to it. I now want to install the Groove component from my Office 2007 CD (pre-SP1) Does anyone know if installing the Groove component of Office 2007 (pre-SP1) AFTER installing Office 2007 SP1 results in an updated Groove, or do I need to somehow reapply the Office SP1 updates? I want the updates of Office SP1 to apply to my "old" Groove install. -Thanks! :)
  • 4. Upgrade from Office 2003 to SB2007
    Running XP Home, install went well, Outlook 07 is fine, when I open Office I have both 03 & 07 versions? If I try to open Word, Excel it immediately creates a error and want s to report it over and over One Note 03 is fine -Accounting 08 is fine fairly certain Powerpoint and Publisher also create the same problem. I think I was fine in the beginning until I accidently tabbed onto the 03 version 1 time Thanks in advance
  • 5. Can't update 2003 after 2007 install
    I had Office 2003 SP3, and installed Office 2007, which automatically erased MSO 2003. I didn want to do that, so I uninstalled 2007 and reinstalled 2003, and then 2007 with custom install to leave Word and Excel 2003. Whatever caused my problem started with the MSO 2007 install. Update for 2003 now doesn work from Windows update, Office Update, or from the SP3 file downloaded to my desktop. I get error code 0x8070663. I have tried KB913754. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything. I have used system restore. I do not use registry cleaners. Update 2007 does work. I use XP Media Center. I have over 200G free space on my hard drive. The notice I get says that the patch(s) cannot be applied. I have read the other posts and answers in the group, and I hope that I have answered the usual questions in advance. Admittedly, after I get over the learning curve, I will be removing MSO 2003, but I fear that my system is vulnerable for now, and I keep getting nag screens to perform updates that just won work. -- Alan

Re: Update site does not recognize OS

Postby Bob Buckland ?:-) » Wed, 10 Jan 2007 06:47:01 GMT

Some 3rd party 'privacy' and security tools send out false information as to the browser you're using, along with other



I have a strange problem and have searched the discussions and message
boards. There are several symptoms but I suspect they may be related.

I have Windows 2K Sp4 with all updates (I think because one of the symptoms
was inability to connect to update site). I also have Office XP Professional.
Last year I had problems with opening PPT after applying an Office update.
After much frustration and many hours on the telephone with a Microsoft
technician, we worked through unstalling Office running the Microsoft Clean
Up Utility and re-installing Office. This solved the problem with PPT but
after that I was unable to connect to the Office Update site at all. Over the
past week, I have attempted to connect to the Office Update site and I can
connect to the site however, when I attempt to check for updates I receive
the following message..

"Sorry, the Office Update site does not support Office for MAC"

For some reason, the update site thinks I am running a MAC system!

I am also having problems with IE 6. I have unstalled and re-installed. Some
sites fail to recognize that I am running IE 6.0 and therefore will not load
and I get messages indicating that the site or process (e.g., HTML in Yahoo
Mail) requires at least IE 6.0.

Any ideas with these issues would be a big help.


Bob  Buckland  ?:-)
MS Office System Products MVP

  *Courtesy is not expensive and can pay big dividends*

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