Office 2000 full-file patches requesting original installation

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  • 1. works 8.5 need to upgrade to word
    hello. I've got windows vista with works 8.5. All my super important old files are .doc and I need to be able to edit and use them. I do not have my old office disc. Can I somehow upgrade my works to include word or read .doc files with using the back route of 'open file' '.doc'? My other option is to buy office 2003 cheaply (as i qualify for a special deal), but can I use that with vista? What can I use with vista? any help would be much appreciated!!! kind regards and many thanks, ida
  • 2. If I purchase an office upgrade can I run both versions (2003 and
    If I purchase an office upgrade (2003 to 2007) can I keep the office 2003 installation on the same computer? or does it automaticallyu get removed? I really want to have both versions of PowerPoint installed for testing. ie. side-by-side install? Thanks, Kent.
  • 3. missing e-mails on update
    My computer auto updated microsoft outlook and now my e-mails from feb 2007 to present are gone. Please help.
  • 4. Updates failing to install
    Hello, since mid Feb 07, I seem to have had 7 updates continually fail on my machine. The updates for; Outlook 2003 PPoint 2003 Office 2003 Excel 2003 Security Update for 2003 (KB929057) Security Update for Office 2003 (KB929064) I think I'm running the Student and Teacher Edition of 2003, could this be the reason the updates are failing? If not, is there a possible cause? Not sure if anyone can shed some light, if so it would be most appreciated. Kind Regards C.

RE: Office 2000 full-file patches requesting original installation

Postby SlBlbnNrZQ » Thu, 26 Jul 2007 04:32:09 GMT


I recently implemented the file hash and it has resolved the issue with 
about 40% of the machines.  Do you have any other recommendations?  

Thanks for the help!


RE: Office 2000 full-file patches requesting original installation

Postby RXJpYyBBLg » Thu, 26 Jul 2007 04:50:05 GMT

nfortunatly if the file hash patch did not resolve Office 2000 asking for
source the only way to fix it for that machine is to provide the source. The
reason why this is a bummer is because it is pretty common for people to try
to use their original discs and they find that 2000 is not satisfied with
that source and says it isnt the right source.

The most common reason for this is because people will create an AIP (Admin
Install Point) with a .mst or will update they aip and then the original
source is in fact a modified aip which if they remove it will never be
available again.

The best surefire method for solving your problem is to remove all of the
office 2000 installations, create an AIP from scratch, Update it to sp3, and

I just re-read your email and see that a AIPs are out of the question, and
your policy prevents putting source on the local machines. That puts you in a
really tough spot with Office 2000.

Since Office 2000 doesnt create a LIS, if the file hash patch doesn't work,
you can't use an AIP, your options are pretty much limited to sending
everyone a removable disc... removing office and reinstalling with that disc
(so the source is the orginal), or upgrading.

I wish I had a better solution for you, but not being able to put the source
anywhere for the installs to reference is a bad deal.

For Office 2007, MS has gotten to the point where they have in fact force
the MSOcache to exist on the drive. Customers dont even have the ability to
install without it.

Eric Palm
MSFT Office Setup

"JPenske" wrote:

RE: Office 2000 full-file patches requesting original installation

Postby SlBlbnNrZQ » Thu, 26 Jul 2007 05:06:08 GMT

hank you for all the help and suggestions! You've proved what I've been
telling them all along! :)

"Eric A." wrote:

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