Can't Uninstall Office 2003 Updates that corrupt Office 2002 licen

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Can't Uninstall Office 2003 Updates that corrupt Office 2002 licen

Postby UGl4ZWRpdG9y » Fri, 17 Feb 2006 13:21:26 GMT

Help!!!  Ran latest Windows Update that included Office 2003 updates but my 
system was fine running Office 2002 and now all of my Office 2002 programs 
will not launch due to the latest Updater overwriting the registry.

Windows CP-> Add/Remove doesn't display the updates and i do not want to pay 
for new key on Office 2003 because Office 2002 was working fine!! I did not 
expect the update to overwrite the existing program!!

Re: Can't Uninstall Office 2003 Updates that corrupt Office 2002 licen

Postby Susan Ramlet » Tue, 21 Feb 2006 05:54:40 GMT

Hi, Pixeditor,

How you you know that Windows Update "overwrote" Office 2002 programs?  It
shouldn't.  It should only update the Office programs you have installed.
If you have a combination of Office XP (2002) and Office 2003 programs
installed, the update should have updated them.  What error, or symptoms are
you getting when you launch your programs?

It might help if you could describe your system configuration:  operating
system, what Office XP programs are installed, what Office 2003 programs are
installed (you can check the Windows Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs
applet to see what the system thinks is installed).

You can also try re-installing/repairing your Office XP programs that aren't
working properly, then re-install / repair your Office 2003 programs.

Susan Ramlet
MVP - Office

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