Maintain data home and work Outlook data separate but combine on Treo 650



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Maintain data home and work Outlook data separate but combine on Treo 650

Postby Kelly » Sat, 31 Mar 2007 11:31:41 GMT

I have a Treo 650 with a Palm OS.  I would like to maintain my home
Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes and separately maintain my
work calendar, contacts, tasks and notes on each PC but sync both of
them to show on my Treo.  (I sync my home info with my husband and
don't want all my personal info on my work computer).  I also use
multiple categories for tasks on both PCs (close to the 15 category
max on the Palm each).  Is there a way to setup this up, maybe
switching between profiles or something?

Re: Maintain data home and work Outlook data separate but combine on Treo 650

Postby Jim Anderson » Sat, 31 Mar 2007 11:56:54 GMT

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, 
Kelly says...

You can not do this "out-of-the-box", but any of the 3rd party conduits 
can do this. Some won't sync selected categories, some won't sync any 
record in any category marked private.

Pocketmirror (standard or pro) is one that will not sync private records 
and gets my vote as the best.

Jim Anderson
( 8(|) To eMail me, just pull "my_finger"

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