Beware Doublebit software/PIMCity



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    I would like to restore to its original state (fresh out of the box) a Palm Tungsten T2. Does anybody know how? Thanks for the help
  • 2. where can i find the 4.1 os for my palm Vx
    i am trying to locate the palm OS 4.1; i sent a question to palm and this was their response: "Unfortunately, the OS 4.1 upgrade is no longer in production and we do not have any available. I recommend doing a generic internet search (i.e. google) or check with online auction sites to locate this software. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused." i am currently running 3.5; do i want 4.1? Stan
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    Whenever I hotsync my T3 with my Pentium 4 Windows XP PC, it will end up with this message: Fatal Alert Preferences.c Line:271 Preferences DB Open Error The data still get synced but the Palm will end up prematurely resetting itself. I called Palmone hotline and they only told me to HARD RESET. My questions are: a) Does anyone has any suggestion on whats wrong and what can be done ? b) If I hard reset, do I need to reinstall all the 3rd Party Applications onto my Palm one by one and risk losing data I have stored in applications like Agendus, Mobile DB, Food DB, Manana etc Thanks ! jessica

Re: Beware Doublebit software/PIMCity

Postby Mark E. Pearson » Sun, 07 Sep 2003 11:25:12 GMT


I'm a current Pocket TV Browser for the Palm OS user.  It's a great program
and I enjoy it very much.  It took me an evening of looking to find this
posting.  Obviously, microsoft.public.pocketpc isn't the first place a Palm
user would look.  Is this going to be the best place to track your efforts
to get Pocket TV Browser back up and running?

Thanks for your effort to deliver a reliable service.  That's what we paid
for and you're surely trying to keep up your end of the bargain.


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