Treo 650 Outlook 2003 sync, datebook functions



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Treo 650 Outlook 2003 sync, datebook functions

Postby chetshannon » Mon, 06 Dec 2004 00:59:28 GMT

A couple questions for you experts out there.
1. Anyone else having trouble syncing with Outlook 2003?  Does PalmOne
have a plan to fix this?
2. Has anyone figured out a way to set the defaults on the datbook
function to allow "alarm on" to be set as a default for a datebook
event? (Treo 600 did this.)
3. Has anyone figured out what happened to the "Journal" function that
was present on the Treo600?
4. Or the "template" function that was a function on the Treo 600
5. And has anyone figured out how to set the "default event length" to
0? (Treo 600 did this.)

It seems to me that PalmOne rushed this phone out to the market before
it was ready to go and they may have cut out a number of useful
features also. (At least to me they were useful.)  The memory problem
is inexcusable also and further evidence that this phone while
thoughtful and innovative has some very sloppy and unfinished elements
as well.  Anyone have answers to the above questions or the general
statement please let say so...

Chet Shannon

Re: Treo 650 Outlook 2003 sync, datebook functions

Postby Zombie Elvis » Fri, 24 Dec 2004 12:55:55 GMT

It was a time of great turmoil. The strong preyed on the weak, dogs
and cats lived together. One voice cried out in the wilderness:
 XXXX@XXXXX.COM  (Chet Shannon) wrote in

All of these were features of Datebk+, Handspring's customized version
of Pimlico Software's Datebk3. When Handspring was bought by PalmOne,
they decided to go with their existing Datebook software and dropped
Datebk+. The solution is to get Pimlico Software's Datebk5 which has
all these features and more.


I'm still waiting for GSM version of the 650 but from what I've read
the memory problem (records use up more memory because of the new file
structure and big databases can bloat up to many times their size)
seems like an acceptable trade-off for the increased reliability of
having your data survive a drained battery. 

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