Treo 650 Outlook Calendar Sync problems



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Treo 650 Outlook Calendar Sync problems

Postby » Tue, 15 Aug 2006 18:19:47 GMT

I have a Treo 650, and I run a Outlook Exchange, on windows XP. This
configuration is the same for both home and work
I installed my hotsync application
I have problems syncronizing my calendar both ar home and at work.

1. I set the preference to syncronize my calendar
2. After I syncronize, I realize that on the registry, no activity has
been done on the calendar
3. When I look at the preferences, I realize that my instructions on
the Calendar have been overuled, and "someone" changed into "do nothng"
4. I have this problem both at home and at work

I called Palm, and they only offered to sell me some assistance. Then I
extorted that in the Knowledge library # 8985 there is my answer. In
reality this reference is inexhistend



Re: Treo 650 Outlook Calendar Sync problems

Postby John Tserkezis » Wed, 16 Aug 2006 08:28:34 GMT

  Try Knowledge library # (36077) "Calender condiut is set back to 'Do 
Nothing' after setting it to syncronise"

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