Sync Treo 650 with Outlook (work) and Palm Desktop (home)



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Sync Treo 650 with Outlook (work) and Palm Desktop (home)

Postby Aloke Prasad » Sat, 05 Feb 2005 09:31:51 GMT

I use Outlook 2000 at work and no PIM at home (Outlook Express, but that 
does not count..).

I just bought a Treo 650 (delivery tomorrow).  How do I sync with Outlook at 
work (my contacts, calendar, tasks, notes) and Palm Desktop at home?

Is it as obvious as installing Palm Desktop at both places, with Outlook 
conduit at work and Palm Desktop calendar conduit at home?
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Re: Sync Treo 650 with Outlook (work) and Palm Desktop (home)

Postby Tony Clark » Mon, 07 Feb 2005 02:13:01 GMT

Yep, it's just that simple. I synch with Palm Desktop at home and Outlook at 
work. You will get a warning message that the Palm has synch'd with another 
computer and this may result in duplicate information, but I've never had 
that happen.


Re: Sync Treo 650 with Outlook (work) and Palm Desktop (home)

Postby Aloke Prasad » Mon, 07 Feb 2005 04:52:59 GMT

Thanks for the reply.

How do I sync the calendar only (not contacts, tasks etc) with Outlook at 

Other than the calendar, the rest of the stuff on Outlook is work-related. 
I want to keep my personal contacts etc on the Treo 650 (synced at home with 
Palm Desktop..).
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Re: Sync Treo 650 with Outlook (work) and Palm Desktop (home)

Postby Tony Clark » Mon, 07 Feb 2005 14:54:24 GMT


I do this by adjusting the conduits at work to only synch the calendar, todo 
and so on. I don't sync contacts with Outlook. You set this up from Hotsync 
under the Custom... menu selection when you right click on the task bar icon 
for Hotsync.

Hope this helps

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