Printing a single page document twice on the same page


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Printing a single page document twice on the same page

Postby » Fri, 09 Jun 2006 22:21:51 GMT

I have a single page PDF document that I would like to print twice on
the same page. Example: a small one page flyer that could be printed
off twice on the same page and cut in half to save paper. This is
failrly easy to do with a two page document (just print 2-up). I'd
rather not have to double the size of the pdf by recreating the single
page and making a two page document with duplicate data. Any ideas?

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the graphic is too big to recognize something on the A4 page)

But it is important that all the bookmarks remain as they are!

Let's say the original document has 10 pages with bookmarks. Page 8 is
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no bookmarks).

I tried pdftk:
pdftk A=docA4.pdf B=docA3.pdf cat A1-7 B A9-10
(merging pages 1-7 of docA4.pdf + page1 of docA3.pdf + pages 9-10 of

Documents have been merged, but bookmarks are lost.

I tried also Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 but I could only find the
option to append the second document at the end of the first one. But
here the bookmarks are keeped.

Who can help me? Which program/tool to use? Or does Adobe Acrobat have
such option?
Thank you very much!

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starting point.

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