RFC: Date::Extract::P800Picture - gets YMDH encoded date from image filename



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RFC: Date::Extract::P800Picture - gets YMDH encoded date from image filename

Postby Roland van Ipenburg » Mon, 08 Dec 2008 18:51:48 GMT


I wrote a module
< http://www.**--****.com/ ~ipenburg/tmp/Date-Extract-P800Picture-0.01.tar.gz>
that converts the date found in the filename of a picture
taken with a Sony-Ericsson P800 camera phone to a DateTime
object. It has nothing to do with EXIF. The date in the
filename consists of four characters and is almost

    Y           year between 2000 and 2035, 0-9A-Z
	M           month, 0-9AB
	D           day of month, 0-9A-U
	H           hour of day, 0-9A-N

Using this I can find the hour the picture is taken when the
timestamp of the file in the filesystem is not the creation
time of the original file.

My issue is that I can't think of a good name for the
module. It does something like Date::Extract, but since I
don't know if any other devices use filenames like that, or
how to name that almost human-readable format, P800Picture
is probably wrong. I wanted to check on flickr for other
cameras that might use this format, but flickr doesn't store
the original filename of pictures...

Would there be a need to have this on CPAN, as part of
another module, or with some better name or another scope?

Roland van Ipenburg
 http://www.**--****.com/ ~ipenburg/

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