how to share socket handle across threads?



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how to share socket handle across threads?

Postby seb » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 07:25:46 GMT


I've been rtfm'ing for days but can't a solution to this problem:

I have a thread that receives multiple client request thanks to an
endless loop through the accept() method. The new socket object
returned by accept() must be communicated to another master thread. I
am using the IO::Socket module.

When trying to use threads::shared or Thread::Queue, I keep getting
this failure:
Invalid value for shared scalar at ./ line N.

So is there a way to share a socket/file handle accross threads?

Thank you


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I naivly expected to use threads and global memory but in Perl (as it
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Hope everyone's new year is starting out very well.

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Wonder can someone help. I've been trying a few things with perl/tk and
threads with some success but cant understand a particular problem.
I've read various posts on the subject and have altered my script
accordingly but still no go! Basically the script creates some shared
variables, a sleeping thread first, then the tk window and widgets.
The thread essentially starts to update a shared variable every second
once the start button is pressed. I can see this by printing to STDOUT.
A label in the GUI points to this shared variable and is instructed to
update it.
However if i put in some debug print statements i can see that in
effect this variable is not shared as it retains the initial value only
hence the label may be updated but with the same value.
Here is the code:

use Tk;
use threads;
use threads::shared;
use strict;

my $go : shared = 0;
my $myValue : shared = 0;

my $anotherThread = threads->new(\&ticker);

sub ticker {
	while (1) {
		if ($go == 0) {sleep 1;}

		else {
			print "$myValue\n";
			sleep 1;

my $mw = MainWindow->new();
$mw->title('UDP Sniffer');

my $f1 = $mw->Frame(-borderwidth => 2, -relief => 'groove')->pack(-side
=> 'top', -fill => 'x');
my $label2 = $f1->Label(-textvariable => \$myValue, -width =>
15)->pack(-side => 'left');
$f1->Button(-text => 'Start', -command => \&start)->pack(-side =>
$f1->Button(-text => 'Stop', -command => \&stop)->pack(-side =>
$f1->Button(-text => 'Reset', -command => \&resetme)->pack(-side =>


sub start {
	$go = 1;
	print "In the main window - $myValue\n";
 	##$mw->repeat(1, sub {$mw->update;});

sub stop {
	$go = 0;

sub resetme {
	$myValue = 0;

Threads are quickly becoming annoying to use as it seems they present
more problems than solutions with tk so could someone tell me what
other options i have for something similar to the above?

Thanks in advance to share variable across multi-processes

On 1/30/06, Jeff Pang < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
> hello,lists,
> I have a hash var in my script,and I want to get it be shared across multi-processes.Fox example:
> my %hash;
> while(1)
> {
>     die "can't fork:$!" unless defined (my $child = fork());
>     if ($child==0)
>     {
>         do_something_to_hash(); # here I need to do some operations to the %hash,which is defined globally.These operations include add something to %hash,or do modification or 'delete' to %hash.
>     }
> }
> Is there any suggestion or document can help me to do that?thanks.

You might consider using a dbm to store the hash in the file system. 
Look at dbmopen and DBM::Any.

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