$_SESSION varibles not being removed...



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  • 4. problem - 2 session id's at once causes loss of session
    I've been having a very weird problem for a while now. About 1% of the time, people lose their sessions. Through logging I have discovered that a lot of these people are getting 2 conflicting session id's. What is throwing me for a loop is this: Lets call the session id's aaaaa and bbbbb session_name() is standard, "PHPSESSID" session_id() is aaaaa the URL contains no session info the session cookie $_COOKIE[session_name()] is bbbbb $_POST[session_name()] is bbbbb So how on earth did session_id() get set to aaaaa? Is session_start() somehow ignoring the cookie? I'm using the latest release, php 4.3.4

$_SESSION varibles not being removed...

Postby Domestos » Fri, 07 Oct 2005 04:52:30 GMT

Consider this...

Page1.php  - calls session_start();
Page2.php - calls session_start(); and sets $_SESSION['user']
Page3.php - does not call session_start();
Page4.php - calls session_start(); and displays $_SESSION['user']

Each page is accessed sequentially
Is that correct?  should $_SESSION['user'] still be available in page4.php 
even though page3.php did not call session?
Or am I mistaking how sessions work? I thought you had to keep calling them 
on every page else the SESSION varibales would be lost.

Andrew Makinson

Re: $_SESSION varibles not being removed...

Postby Oli Filth » Fri, 07 Oct 2005 05:23:46 GMT

Domestos said the following on 05/10/2005 20:52:


The browser retains the session cookie until it is closed.

The server retains the session details even though session_start() is 
not called on a particular script.


Re: $_SESSION varibles not being removed...

Postby Domestos » Fri, 07 Oct 2005 06:11:18 GMT

So how do I make sure all session details are removed when a user clicks 

Re: $_SESSION varibles not being removed...

Postby Stefan Rybacki » Fri, 07 Oct 2005 06:19:53 GMT

session_destroy is your friend.


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