[9fans] porting to linux...


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  • 1. [9fans] The utility of a chording pad
    > If I recall correctly Rob Pike's comments in this forum a long time > ago apropos the issue of customisation, I would suggest that such a > chording pad would be more frustrating than useful. It goes almost > without saying that the generality of such a device lends itself to > insane re-configuration by each user, with dramatic, if potentially > humorous results. i think it's hard to say without doing an experiment. there is no reason one needs to use all the combinations. so it would be interesting to add a forth button. perhaps one could disambiguate between Look and Open. (how many times have you had to play tricks because there is a symbol wumpus and file wumpus?) > Consider that there are twelve function keys on the conventional > keyboard and Plan 9 uses none of them. Nevermind the new keyboards > with the full Jumbo Jet console on them. that's because they're not standard. you can use them if you map them with /dev/kbmap. cpu% cat fkeys 0 59 ' 0 60 ' erik
  • 2. [9fans] Plan 9 port namespace directory and $DISPLAY in leopard
    Hey, How do you guys deal with the the $DISPLAY variable in leopard? The default on my machine dies because $DISPLAY contains a directory name(something like: /tmp/launch-hAKQ0T/:0) which messes up getns when getns tries to make the ns directory(tries to make a non-existent path). I fix this by starting X11 from the terminal and setting $DISPLAY to ':0'. How have you guys been getting around the problem? Noah

[9fans] porting to linux...

Postby tusharmahule » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 20:23:12 GMT

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I wanted to know that what all applications or features of plan 9 are being ported to linux and which need to be done???

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I wanted to know that what all applications or features of plan 9 are being ported to linux and which need to be done???<br><p> 
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Re: [9fans] porting to linux...

Postby rsc » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 21:29:37 GMT

See  http://www.**--****.com/ ://swik.net/v9fs .


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On Wed, 19 Jan 2005, Bruce Ellis wrote:

> it's so large and has had so many hands in it that it is basically
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yeah, I'm seeing this here. Linux is into "fail because it fails" mode. 

Funny: I have an old X24 and a new T41. Last set of upgrades to SuSE, it
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