Another 2003 question....Active sync problem with SMART GSM

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Another 2003 question....Active sync problem with SMART GSM

Postby Neil Paisnel » Tue, 23 Dec 2003 05:52:12 GMT

Having installed 2003, (Active sync 3.7 on spare machine) and used my
original Active sync 3.7.1 to install a few other programs and apps, I cam
across one program that would not install with active sync.

The program was smart GSM phone manager program.  The setup prog for it
keeps telling me that Active sync is not installed properly and setup will
exit.  As I have previously installed three patches from HP, plus three
other progs using it, it is installed correctly......So anyone got any

I have gone back to 2002 and my last backup for now.  May be i should stick
with it, but I wanted 2003 for the supposed better Bluetooth support offered
by it to programs such as smart GSM with a Nokia 6310i, and I really do not
want to not use it having shelld out 2 for it.

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the RAM utilization climbs until it finally crashes (or I kill it in task 

If Outlook crashes and restarts, or if I kill it in task mgr then restart 
it, I can re-sync the device all day long without problems provided I don't 
restart the computer.

I'm trying to sync contacts, calendar and files -- not email.  And I'm not 
using the exchange server settings for sync.

The second problem is with the calendar.  Once I go through the procedure 
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type a few characters and do a carriage return, then re-save the appointment 
-- and it will immediately sync with my device.  Nothing else works to move 
these appointments down to the device.

I have tried to re-install Office 2003 but it did not help.  I've done a 
hard reset of my Treo, but it did not help.  The same problem occurred with 
previous versions of Active Sync -- I had hoped 4.5 would fix the problem, 
but it did not.

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sync my device.  So I'm writing to ask if anybody has seen these problems and 
I appreciate any advice you can offer to me.  

Thank you!


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