Active Sync help please?

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    Does anyone know of a good, simple sales call management program, one that uses the windows contacts database file? I will be starting a new position soon making technical service calls and want to keep a log of contacts and notes. I saw ACT for pocket pc. What are you guys using. I have an older Ipaq h3670 now, but planning on going to the new hx4705 when it is available. Thanks, Andy
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    Hi, I use O2xda whicch has pocketpc2002 OS, 32mb RAM, ROM - 3.02.00eng, 206mhz ARM SA1110 cpu. Suddenly the device freezed, the touch screen was not working so none of the functions could be accessed. On connecting the device to desktop, I found about 10 of such files in windows directory of xda, that were not there previously. I cannot delete these files as it says access denied. I tried to rename them to .old and then delete them. The windows just creates a new set of the files in that case. There is no help on knowledgebase or any other newsgroups. I cannot email Microsoft for free support as it does not take the product number. One newsgroup mentions that these files are normally resident in ROM, and if they appear in windows folder, they are not occupying any space. However, I have noticed that when the battery is charged to full, deleting all the contacts, and removing any additional programs, the xda responds somewhat. What can be done to get the xda on its feet again? I am desperate for some help.
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    anyone tell me how to do a hard reset ? David
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    Does anyone know if you can run, upgrade, or do something to run SDIO products on SD slots? I have a Toshiba e330 and an SD slot, from what I've learned it isn't compatible with SDIO Now! or SDIO or something like that. So if anyone knows of something I can do to run those cards I would love to hear from you! Thanks!

Active Sync help please?

Postby Johnny » Sun, 08 Aug 2004 03:01:44 GMT

going to Tools/Options and then clicking the Sync Options tab
I do not show my Calendar in the list below. It was there at some
point I'm sure.
Can you tell me how and where to add it again??

thank you very much.

Re: Active Sync help please?

Postby Chris De Herrera » Tue, 10 Aug 2004 08:54:04 GMT

Try using Help - Detect & Repair in Outlook (you'll need the Outlook CD
handy).  Then uninstall and then reinstall ActiveSync.

Chris De Herrera

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