How to close LED Light,when connecting the network via Bluetooth

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    Darned if I know how to proceed, so would appreciate advice asap please. Directly after a reboot of my PC, I got this: "The mobile device that is currently connected has the same name as another device. To use the existing partnership for the current device, you must give the device a new, unique name. Otherwise, the device will be set up as a guest. Do you want to rename the mobile device?" I only have one mobile device. It's had the same Owner Name 'Terry Pinnell' since I bought it a year or so ago, and as far as I know the same System Name, 'Pocket_PC'. I've no idea how this arose. The most recent activity this morning has been struggling to get Pocket Player working, which I assume is unrelated. And the *very* last thing I recall doing involving my PPC was to close Outlook on my desktop, and say yes to the familiar question about whether I want to delete old transactions. FWIW, the reboot (fairly rare on my PC - I leave it on overnight) was because I had an error along the lines of 'can't start rna... (exe? dll?) something or other'. So rebooted for safety. I'm nervous about accepting either of these options. So I'll leave the error window displayed and have some lunch in the hope that I get some authoritative advice by my return! -- Terry, West Sussex, UK Using iPAQ 2210 with WM2003.
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    Hello, I have the Audiovox PPC4100 from AT&T. I sync with a small business server 2003 via active sync over the pocket pc's internet connection. All works fine. But, when I select "reply all" to an e-mail with multiple recipients, the e-mail program on the pocket pc puts my e-mail in the "to:" column as well, effectively sending me my own reply. Why does this happen? Is it because I'm only using active sync and have no pop3 or imap account setup in the program itself? Does this setup not tell the program who is originating messages, hense not deleting the specified address from the "to:" column when replying to all? any advice would be grealy appreciated. Thanks. Mike
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    Hey, I hope someone here can help me with this little issue. I am connecting remotly to my Exchange server over RDC over HTTP. It's just like being on the network and on the server with Outlook. When I sync my 5455 (WM2003), it syncs fine accept the Notes, it keeps telling me that it can't sync them or they are in use. Anyone run into the same problem ?

How to close LED Light,when connecting the network via Bluetooth

Postby ricky » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 07:53:29 GMT

When HP-1940 open Bluetooth,the blue LED light is flashing again and again.
How to close such annoying light? I have looked for the Notification API of
Pocket PC2003 SDK, but doesn't help?

Should I open the shell of 1940 adn cut off the wire of the blue LED light?
That's the last thing I want to DO.

Re: How to close LED Light,when connecting the network via Bluetooth

Postby st.soh » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 13:09:29 GMT

many have post this before, simple solution use a opaque tape or paint over

warranty voided if u temper with the circuitry.


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