How to close LED Light,when connecting the network via Bluetooth

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How to close LED Light,when connecting the network via Bluetooth

Postby ricky » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 07:53:29 GMT

When HP-1940 open Bluetooth,the blue LED light is flashing again and again.
How to close such annoying light? I have looked for the Notification API of
Pocket PC2003 SDK, but doesn't help?

Should I open the shell of 1940 adn cut off the wire of the blue LED light?
That's the last thing I want to DO.

Re: How to close LED Light,when connecting the network via Bluetooth

Postby st.soh » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 13:09:29 GMT

many have post this before, simple solution use a opaque tape or paint over

warranty voided if u temper with the circuitry.


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