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  • 1. Dell Axim x51v Questions
    I have a few probably simple questions relating to the Dell Axim x51v running Windows Mobile 5.0 1. When I download mp3 files directly from the web (not via Activesync) to my Axim, they go to My Documents underneath all the existing folders (each file practically forming a folder by itself). They do not go to My Music folder or to Windows Media Library and consequently they are difficult to sort by artist, album, ...etc, or be assigned to playlists, and have to be played manually one file at a time. Tapping on the file's name gives you the option of renaming it but not of moving it. Is there a way around this? 2. New categories can be created and assigned to contacts, appointments, or tasks, but is there a way to delete those new categories or edit them if one decides that a new description is better? 3. When a picture is assigned to a contact, it seems that one has the option of changing the picture, but not of disposing of a picture for that contact altogether, or am I mistaken? 4. Finally, the solid green light that should show when the device is on does not show any longer. I get the amber light when the device is charging and the solid green light when the battery is fully charged, but once I disconnect the device from the external power outlet, the light disappears. I would appreciate your help immensely.
  • 2. Handbase
    How do I put only the Handbase desktop on a Windows 98SE machine? My home files for my Ipaq are on a networked Windows 98SE machine. In order to sync with my Ipaq running WM 5.0 I have to copy the entire files in the WM 5.0 folder to a another computer on the network that runs Windows XP Pro. What I want to do is have Handbase on the Windows 98SE machine but I can't sync from that machine since it has Windows 98SE and Activesync insists on a later version of Windows and Outlook. Is this even possible? As far as I can tell the desktop version of Handbase only installs together with the ppc version.
  • 3. ipaq dropped
    Hi I bought an metal case for my h6365 thinking this would be the best option to protect the device from falls etc. The case is one that opens using a hinge at the bottom and then snaps back to close with a pressure clip at the top. Well, yesterday when i was walking to a meeting, the case opened and the ipaq slipped out and fell face first onto a sidewalk. I was really disappointed because I really look after my IT (hence the purchase of additional warranty, case, protectors etc). The unit still works but i have noticed today that it has trouble holding a wi-fi connection. While this maybe caused by something else (ie the wi-fi transmitter that i am connection to not working, or radio interference) - it is a concern that when i am overseas I may not have acccess to my information. If you have one of the cases that opens at the bottom - maybe find a way to double secure the flip down lid - this is a very bad design and i am not happy with it at all. If I have to purchase a new unit - i would like one with bluetooth, phone, wifi - and maybe gps - can anyone recommend a good unit that will perform well and has a reasonable processor? Doug
  • 4. PPC emulator
    All, is there a PPC emulator for "ppc 2003 classic" that does not require Vis Studio to be installed - recommendations pls! tia Dave

Lefthanded users

Postby Nigel Heald » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 07:48:33 GMT

Hi Group,

Having just got a Dell Axim X5 I'm searching the net for any software that
will give a "left hand" scroll bar, do any group members know of anything
around the web?  I cant imagine I'm the only left handed user that finds it
a pain in the {*filter*}with just a right hand scroll bar


Re: Lefthanded users

Postby Sven, MVP-Mobile Devices » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 11:31:35 GMT

Quit searching and use the time to get used to it. Sorry, but there just
isn't any relief for lefties that have trouble with the right side scroll,
etc.  There is a program or two around that lets you change the scroll side,
but nothing that is an OS or system wide hack.

Sven, MS-MVP  Mobile Devices


Re: Lefthanded users

Postby Marlof Bregonje, MS-MVP/Mobile Devices » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 17:52:15 GMT

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003 12:48:33 -1000, Nigel Heald wrote
(in message < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >):

As Sven said, there's nothing that can do what you want system 
wide, and I don't expect Microsoft to release something to 
change this.

I'm a lefthanded user like you, but in the end I simply got used 
to the scroll bar on the right hand side. It's not like I have 
my stylus on the scroll bar all the time, so my vision of the 
screen is only blocked for a second or so. I can live with that.

Marlof Bregonje
Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices [ http://www.**--****.com/ ]
Pocket PC Thoughts [ http://www.**--****.com/ ]

Re: Lefthanded users

Postby Steve » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 19:48:21 GMT

Try dotPocket I think you can reverse the screen giving you what you are
looking for.

<Marlof Bregonje>; "MS-MVP/Mobile Devices"


Re: Lefthanded users

Postby Mark Edwards » Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:14:28 GMT

I don't have anything specific.  But you might try searching this


In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Nigel Heald

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