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  • 1. IPAQ ActiveSync problem
    IPAQ 3835. When I turn the unit on, synchronizing of the calendar stops at 67% done. The "Synchronizing Calendar" progress bar stays up on the startup screen but the IPAQ is completely usable otherwise. Doing a soft reset and turning the IPAQ on and off do not clear synchronizing window. Nor does putting the IPAQ in its cradle and letting it sync with my PC, thought that synchronization completes fine. Any ideas on how to fix this? If I have to do a hard reset, will a backup done beforehand be restorable? George
  • 2. Sending email to a distribution list
    Hi, I rarely need to send email from my Ipaq 5450 to more than 1 person but will be away in Seville in a few weeks time and would like to send emails back to family and friends. I've created a distribution list on my PC but notice that this doesn't get synced into my contacts on my Ipaq. I know I can put manually put multiple email addresses into a To field on a outgoing email on the Ipaq but is there a easier way to do this. Regards, Steve L. - Steve Lowe - E-Mail : XXXX@XXXXX.COM - Before Replying Remove .NO.SPAM - UK Resident although my e-mail address is usa.net
  • 3. newsgroup reasers
    I am looking for a newsgroup reader for my ipaq. Any recommendations ? preferably freeware but would pay if i have to . Is there some kind of plug in etc or way of viewing newsgroups with "outlook" ? I've always used "outlook express" for newsgroups and e-mail but now am using "outlook" since getting my ipaq. CAn't seem to do newsgroups with "outlook" though.Would prefer to be able to check mail and newsgroups from one app if possible cheers leigh
  • 4. Barcoding software for Symbol PPT2700?
    I recently acquired from ebay a new, cheaply priced Symbol PPT2700. Judging from the demo program, everything in it works. This PocketPC runs WinCE 3 , has a built-in barcode scanner, but apparently no resident application for doing scans -- and I can't seem to find any from searching the web. I'm not looking for anything elaborate -- I'm an office worker with a warehouse/inventory/order fulfillment background who handles low volume internal fulfillment operation of small gift items. I'd like to be able to scan Item #/Locations and Order #s, then batch load them into an Access database. Any recommendations for inexpensive 1-user software for this sort of thing? Many thanks for any input.

Tillanosoft Software Action Control

Postby Don Barlow » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:25:59 GMT

Since I upgraded my iPaq 5450 to the latest ROM version of 2002 not 2003,
the page back feature on this doesn't work.  I can't find an e-mail address
to send to Tillanosoft.  Does anyone else use this, have problems, know how
to contact Tillanosoft?


Don Barlow

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