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  • 1. Sync with Exchange over the net
    Hello All.... I have a client with a GPRS enabled PDA, they can access the internet via the PDA, and would like to be able to send emails while on the run. I first though just configuring the active sync email account with an outging mail server, but it seems I have to creat a new mail account all together for this. It is beyond the comprehension of the user..... so I thought maybe I can setup VPN connectivity to the office server (Win CE does have some VPN settings in there). Is there some way I can once connected to the VPN, synch the inbox and outbox with the exchange server?? Thanks in advance, dekkar
  • 2. Connecting 2 PPC to 1 desk top
    Hello all, I have a question. I now have a iPAQ 2215. If my brother is going to buy himself a Dell Axim X30. Can we both use one desktop PC to sync files? Even my PPC has a WM 2003 premium ed. and his is a 2nd edition. Does he have to install the activesync and the rest of the files (the one that comes with the installation CD-ROM disc) into the PC? How does the PC recognize which handheld is plugged into the USB port? Please help, I am getting confused. Thanks. David
  • 3. International Number Dialing Fiasco
    I have recently purchased Samsung i700. I am having a problem with calling international numbers. I have many international phone numbers in the Contact List. All these numbers begin +Country Code (such as +44, +82, +1, etc.). How ever when I click on the contact with number such as +44 xxx-xxx-xxx for UK. I get a "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" message. When I dial 011 44 xxx xxx xxx, I can reach the destination. How do I make this happen without changing all of the phone numbers in the contact list? Thank you.
  • 4. Outlook 2003
    I am currently syncing with OL 2003 Beta with absolutely no issues.
  • 5. jpg resolution for iPAQ
    In saving jpg photographs from PS7 to display on my iPAQ 5550 what is the optimum file resolution as far as image quality is concerned? I have iPAQ image viewer, WM2003 Pictures, WM2003 Media Should the saved resolution be the same as the ipaq native screen or a multiple? Is it better for me to try to use an optimum size than let the ppc application resize "to fit"? (posted also to Photoshop groups) Beemer

Tillanosoft Software Action Control

Postby Don Barlow » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:25:59 GMT

Since I upgraded my iPaq 5450 to the latest ROM version of 2002 not 2003,
the page back feature on this doesn't work.  I can't find an e-mail address
to send to Tillanosoft.  Does anyone else use this, have problems, know how
to contact Tillanosoft?


Don Barlow

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