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  • 1. HTC Source Filter pin access
    I am working with VS2005 on a pocket pc. I am trying to access my camera with Directshow. When I list my source filters I get "HTC Source Filter" with GUID { 0xA06DF275, 0xC4F3, 0x46C7, { 0xB5, 0x20, 0x3A, 0x16, 0xB3, 0xD1, 0xB8, 0xC2} } When I try to list the pins I get an error ... see code below CComPtr <IBaseFilter> pHTCFilter; hr = pHTCFilter.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_HTCCameraFilter); hr=pFilterGraph->AddFilter( pHTCFilter, L"HTC Source" ); IPin * m_htc_out_Pin; CComPtr<IEnumPins> pEnum; hr = pHTCFilter->EnumPins(&pEnum); hr = pEnum->Reset(); hr = pEnum->Next(1, &m_htc_out_Pin, NULL); <<< returns FALSE PIN_INFO pinInfo; hr = (m_htc_out_Pin)->QueryPinInfo( &pinInfo ); Thanks, Kris
  • 2. Change how all day events show in week view
    Hi, I use all day events as reminders for birthdays etc but show in my calendar as free (ie I can be booked). In WM6 Calendar, Week view, they show as a line down the left hand side of a day - hardly standing out! Does anyone know how I can change how they look? Colours? cheers, Richard
  • 3. tabelle in messaggi di posta
    Ho bisogno di visualizzare e-mail in formato html con tabelle in messaggi di posta apribili con outlook su un palmare palm con windows mobile. Purtroppo le e-mail vengono visualizzate in formato testo, mentre nel client di outlook su windows vista vengono correttamente visualizzate le tabelle. Come posso fare per visualizzare le tabelle nelle e-mail in formato html anche sul palmare? Grazie.
  • 4. Again mio P560
    Hey The device start up without touching it, sometimes after a couple of minutes sometimes after one hour. Harry

Tillanosoft Software Action Control

Postby Don Barlow » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:25:59 GMT

Since I upgraded my iPaq 5450 to the latest ROM version of 2002 not 2003,
the page back feature on this doesn't work.  I can't find an e-mail address
to send to Tillanosoft.  Does anyone else use this, have problems, know how
to contact Tillanosoft?


Don Barlow

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