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  • 1. 3650 dont syncronize
    I get an error when I try of syncronize my ppc ipaq 3650 I have installed the lastest version of activesync and nothing I try on others pcs and I got the same problem I have months looking for the solutions without getting help PLEASE !!!
  • 2. online store with decent prices?
    Other than ebay, anyone know of a good place to find PDA's for a good price? Looking at picking up the ipaq 5555, but best price I can find so far is $539. Wondering if anyone's seen them for less or if I should just grab it from this place. Thanks John
  • 3. Trouble Uninstalling SanDisk WiFi SDIO
    I have an iPAQ h1930 (love it btw). I recently bought, then returned a SanDisk SDIO WiFi card. for a Socket WiFi card. Now I want to uninstall the old SanDisk software -- but my iPAQ won't seem to let me uninstall the old "SanDisk WiFi" programs. I've done all the standard "uninstall" routines, both on my desktop and PPC, but three .DLLs seem to be present always in memory, keeping unintall from completing. Any suggestions?
  • 4. Urgent - cannot type the password!!
    Hi everyone. Just rebooted my iPaq 5550 and I cannot make appear the keyboard so I cannot type the password. Any help Thanks!! Dq.-

Tillanosoft Software Action Control

Postby Don Barlow » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:25:59 GMT

Since I upgraded my iPaq 5450 to the latest ROM version of 2002 not 2003,
the page back feature on this doesn't work.  I can't find an e-mail address
to send to Tillanosoft.  Does anyone else use this, have problems, know how
to contact Tillanosoft?


Don Barlow

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