cannot copy more than 999 files into a folder on my storage card.

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cannot copy more than 999 files into a folder on my storage card.

Postby jeff » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 13:38:55 GMT


i want to copy quite a huge number of html files (using activesync) into a
folder on my SD card for offline reading, but not managed to do so as the
operation always fail at file # 999... giving me error msgs that the card is
full (but it's not the case), but din have that problem if copy to pocket pc
built in memory.

the sd card is FAT32 format.

any ideas?



Re: cannot copy more than 999 files into a folder on my storage card.

Postby David » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 14:56:52 GMT

Can you use  an external  card reader?  

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I am doing some research and testing for moving across a 
huge number of text files to pocket pc via ActiveSync, 
the file transfer will always terminate at file no 999 
although there are still plenty of space left on the 
storage card. the same if i zip those files and unzip 
them on the pocket pc storage card, it seems that a 
single folder can only take 999 files. 

But if i use a card reader, i can transfer all the files 
(few thousand) into a directory without any issues, and 
pocket pc is able to access, read and search the files in 
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My SD card is on FAT32 format.



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