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    Help, I reinstalled XP and of course Active Sync 3.7.1. I am able to sync everything with no problem, but I can not view my mobile device, both through the Windows Explorer (icond shows up but nothing happens when I click it), and when I hit the EXPLORE button on Active Sync (once again a window opens but no files show up). Any thoughts? I have a hp2115. PC: 2.4 Ghz 1 gig ram 200 gig hd XP Home edition thank you
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    I've exported a number of maps from AutoRoute 2004 to display on Pocket Streets in my IPAQ 2200. Most of them work, but maps of London with more than about 2Mb of data won't display - they try to load but the 'loading' icon continues indefinitely. Other maps of 4 Mb or more work fine - it seems to be something to do with the density of data rather than the total file size. I have plenty of spare memory - the maps are on a 256Mb and the IPAQ has 20Mb free. Any ideas about this please?
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    Hi, I have had my 5550 for about 3 months with no problems. However it has died twice in the last week. When I say die I mean it won't switch on. HP eServices suggested a soft reset to see if that helped or if not then try a hard reset. On the first occasion I managed to get the device working, I think more by luck than anything else, which allowed me to carry out the soft reset. That was a week ago and it has been working fine but today it died again. This time I can not get it to swtch on so I am unable to do any reset. I don't feel comfortable with using resets to cure the probelm. Especially as it has now happened twice. I would sooner know what is causing it. Well thats interesting. The plot thickens. Before starting to type this message I removed the battery pack and left it off for about 20 seconds. On refitting it my iPaq springs to life. I checked the battery and it is 100% charge. So why does it die. George

PPC 2003 Phone Edition & Inbox/email

Postby robin.mobile » Sat, 02 Apr 2005 23:55:33 GMT

I have beenusing my PPC2003 inbox on my orange uk pop3 acount with
only a few problems (often cant send to address' if they are in just
the  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  format, have to have them in the address book?)

I have now added a second pop3 account and it appears that, although
both are set to automaticaly check for new mail every 15mins, only one
will (the one I was last using) - can I get around this so that both
accounts check for new mail?

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