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  • 1. How to remove old partnership name?
    I have had some problems with some software on my iPAC HX4700 running Windows Mobil 2003 second edition. Each time I have had to do a cold (hard) reboot, I have had to give a new partnership name when I reinstall, and I am running out of names that make sence to me. I would like to delete the onld names. How do I do that? Rgds Per
  • 2. Can't Drag-and-Drop files from Desktop to PocketPC
    I have a Notebook PC with W2KSP4 (US), Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8; and a Pocket PC (HP iPaq h2215) with Windows Mobile 2003 (US). I used to transfer files from Notebook to PocketPC this way: - On the Notebook, in the ActiveSync window, I click "Explore", which opens a Windows Explorer window showing the internal files of the Pocket PC; - then I can Drag-and-Drop files from Notebook to PocketPC or the opposite way. Unfortunately, since a couple months, I can't anymore: when I try do DnD a file from the Notebook, when my loaded mouse is over the PocketPC folder, I don't see any more a little "+" sign, I see instead a "forbidden" sign. Anyone could tell me what to do? TIA, Paris, Tue 21 Jun 2005 18:39:40 +0200
  • 3. File sync with other directories?
    I have moved "My documents" to my D: drive on my computer and therefor olso the sync folder "Pocket_PC My documents). When I sync with my PDA it is only able to sync with files placed in C:\...\My Documents\Pocket:PC Documents". Is it possible to tell ActiveSync to syncronize with files placed on my D: drive? Thank you in advance! Thorkild Ahm
  • 4. Multiple Partnerships
    Active sync only allows for 2 partnerships, is there any way to get more? Also I do not have WiFi on my Ipaq1910 is there anyway to connect to a PC USB and get internet access without having active snyc? -- It's not why your here for that matters, it's what you do with what you got that counts.
  • 5. Moblie Outlook and ActiveSync
    Hello, there I'm using the ActiveSync 3.8 and the Outlook 2002 on my PC. and Windows Mobile 2003 on my PDA. 1. Sync e-mail message smartly. i use my PDA as a second grade information device. so i don't want erase my original mail message in the Outlook 2002, although i have deleted one on my PDA. but it doesn't seem to be any other choices in the ActiveSync, i guess. Any idea or options to keep off deleting e-mail on my PC when i delete e-mail on my PDA? 2. Deleting the sub mail folder you know, there're lots of kind of e-mail, so i made some category (sub folder) as a sort of e-mail. and, the ActiveSync, thankfully, supports the sub folder, same as Outlook 2002 on my PC. but, that 's the problem. there's no options that i can delete the sub folder under the inbox as far as i know. it means, i have to delete original sub mail folder in the Outlook on my PC. Why doesn't the Windows Mobile or Windows Mobile Outlook (whatever) have more flexiblity for the user??? it is too simple to use...... so bad... i'd like to hear some good information from you guys. thanks! Jake PDA PDA ( ) PDA . PC PC PDA . PDA ??? . . . PDA

wmdc doesn't start

Postby Dr. Lloyd » Mon, 02 Apr 2007 05:20:21 GMT

Please let me know of your "{*filter*} fix", as I am plagued by this problem.  Thank you for any advice you may provide.

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Running Vista SP1 with the latest updates, AT&T Tilt with all standard 
software / ROM.

Had to rebuild my system due to a HDD failure, and now when I attach the 
phone (which also has a partnership with Exchange), WMDC sees the device but 
only tries to set up a Windows Media Center partnership, not a full 
partnership with the phone. Previously the PC partnership and the Exchange 
partnership coexisted perfectly.

- It recognizes the device via USB
- I've updated the driver to the latest via driver update in devmgmt.msc
- I've deleted the device, plugged it back in and it recreated itself
- Don't see any way to configure a new partnership with the phone

I do not want to hard reset the phone and reinstall everything; that seems 
like using a shotgun to kill a moth.

Other information:
- the PC partnership was set up before the Exchange partnership
- Photoshop 6 is installed, and the automatic photo downloader launched on 
device connect. I've since disabled it.

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Until two weeks I could use my x2201 iPAQ under Windows Vista Ultimate 
without problems. But after 14 days battery of PDA run out and I had to 
reset system. Old configuration on PDA (with Windows Pocket PC 2003) had 

Since this time WMDC 6.1 doesn't recongnize my PDA, but in the hardware 
manger it is listed correct under mobile devices.

I tried nearly everything (including deinstallation first of PDA, than WMDC 
6.1), but it did'nt work.

How can I convince my pc that PDA is installed properly and WMDC can 
synchronise like before?

Thanks for a good hint!


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I am trying to get WMDC v6.1 working however whenever i start the app i get 
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itself but fails! i have enabled debug as per instructions in a similar post 
previous however there is no debug information! i assume as it only gets to 
the splash screen then reports an error there is no debug info at this 

i am using a HTC Tytn with Windows Mobile 6

I can access the mobile using active synch on my xp laptop however my vista 
Premium desktop always has this error with WMDC v6.1  i have checked for any 
windows solution for this error though there is none!

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Having eventually persuaded my Pocket PC (WM 5.0 with patch to read Vista 
file formats) to sync with my PC (Vista Ultimate 32, WMDC 6.1) I am left with 
a wierd and annoying problem.
With outlook closed (check in Task Manager) I start WMDC and connect to my 
Pocket PC (turned on).  After making the connection it tries to sync, but I 
get an error saying the files are in use by another program which I need to 
I can see in Task Manager that Outlook has been started in the background, 
so I close it in TM.
It appears WMDC has started Outlook in the backgroung and this makes the 
sync fail!
Then I sync again, and it completes with no errors.
Is there a way to fix this?

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