automatic detect/establish the network connection.

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automatic detect/establish the network connection.

Postby Sean » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 04:52:44 GMT

I have noticed that Pocket IE somehow automatic connect to the network
defined in the connection setting by itself.  I want to achieve the same way
for a application I am coding.

Any instruction, how to article, or sample code are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I am trying to create an application that consumes a Web Service in a
smart client application. I have the web service hosted in my machine
itself and it is working fine when i browse it though IE on the
machine. I am using Vista as the OS.

But when I deploy it in Emulator it gives me the excepetion saying
"Could not establish connection to the network".

I tried hitting the Web Service from the Pocket PC 2003 SE, and cannot
connect. How can I get the connection done between the Emulator and
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2.Could not establish connection to network

I developed a simple application using HttpWebRequest object ( 3-4 code rows 
:-) ).
When I run it on emulator it works fine, while when I deploy it to my device 
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I have the same error when I try executing windows update service on the 

My device is connected with activesync and all other installed sw 
(skype,messenger,opera..ecc...) on the device can access to internet 
I tried also using wifi connection, but the same error occurs.
The appication,also, doesn't try using GPSR connection. Why?

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3.could not establish connection to the network

I have established a web service on a local machine.  I can call the web 
service fine using a full blown application.  I can call the web service 
fine using the PPC executable being run straight on the local machine.  When 
I run the PPC executable  on the emulator or on my device cradled to the 
local machine, I get the error "Could not establish connection to network" 
when making the web service call.  Both devices can connect to the internet 
using PIE and the application can make a cgi request to another computer on 
the network.  Any ideas?  Its got to be some kind of setting somewhere.


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happens to be working. If it's associated to a WiFi AP and has
a DHCP lease, then heck let's use that connection for our
IP connectivity. However, if we're not associated to an AP
then let's go ahead and dial up that slow cell phone data

Seems like this is what any sane user would want.

Can pocketpc be made to do this ?

So far I have been making like 25 clicks to reconfigure the
thing every time I leave the office (and hence WiFi coverage).
I need to change the 'Programs that automatically
connect to the internet should use this connection...'
setting from 'My Work Network' to 'Verizon Wireless'.

(a glance at the network developer docs for CE tells me
that all kinds of stuff is possible, but it's unclear if
the necessary functionality is exposed in the WM5 PPC
edition via user UI).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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