Dismal Experience with House Locating

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    Is there any posibility to make a program with any tool (Evb,etc...) that share files between 2 pocket pc's over a gprs conection? If there are not public IP's over gprs, like in a desktop computer, how can I send a message or a byte or a file to another pocket pc with a dynamic IP? is it possible? Best regards
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    Inside VS.NET 2003, I have no problem debuging and executing programs in PC2002 and PC2003 emulators but I have no success deploying the framework and program to the device, which is Toshiba e755 PocketPC with Intel AX255 CPU. I always get the error when I try to deploy the compiled program to the device: "There were deployment errors, continue?" I have ActiveSync 3.7.1 (installed after VS.NET and perfectly working.) I even downloaded the Windows CE Utilities for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and configure CPU in the add-in to be ARMV4. However I am very confused by the README in the download that states a lot of stuffs like copying ToolHelp.dll, WCELoad.exe etc. My questions are :- 1. What am I missing basically to have the failur of debugging ? 2. Do I need to register WinCEx86Device.reg on the host computer if I am using a ARMSV4 CPU instruction set ? P.S. I have no problem when using eVC++ 4.0. That means my installation of the PC2003 SDK should be correct. Thanks for any insight. Stanley

Dismal Experience with House Locating

Postby Robert Robinson » Fri, 13 Feb 2004 04:52:42 GMT

GPS map/routing programs are reported to use the same database (USPS in the
USA) for estimations of Lat/Log coordinates based on house numbers.
Locations are typically off by 3-5 houses and may be in error by as much as
two blocks. The only way to avoid this error is to enter the actual Lat/Lon
coordinates for the buildings of interest. This is usually implemented with
"favorites" or "point of interest" routines. This approach lacks the
versatility and ease of use of an address book.
Unfortunately, there is only one known HPC compatible program that includes
user enterable and editable coordinates in an address book format. This is
Garmin's iQue 3600 package. The software has all of the appropriate address
book functions, but it is only available on a Garmin proprietary
software/hardware package. The system uses a Palm handheld computer which
lacks the memory size and computing capability that are required for many
HPC functions.
The present circumstance is thus that there are no known general HPC
software packages that provide the combined address book/coordinate
Robert Robinson

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