Embedded .wav sounds play incorrectly in Office 2007 Slideshow


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RE: Embedded .wav sounds play incorrectly in Office 2007 Slideshow

Postby ZEI » Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:01:01 GMT

I checked the custom animations and didn't find anything strange.... 

If I understand the question, you are asking if it was set to "start playing 
automatically after" some number of seconds.  Everything is set to play on 
mouse click.

If I add delays, etc, they work as expected, but I still hear the only the 
last part of the sound file.  Also, if I set it to loop, I hear only the end 
of the sound file over and over (i.e. it cuts out the same portion of the 
file in every animation)

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I recently upgraded from PP2003 and XP to PP2007 and Vista. 

 I now find that presentations with embedded .wav sound files will play in 
the editing mode in  powerpoint 2007, but that in slideshow mode they are 
truncated in a weird way.

Specifically, the system seems to cut off the last 1 second of the sound 
file, and if it is shorter than 1 second it doesn't play at all.

This problem occurs both for old 2003 presentations open in 2007 and for new 
presentations where the sounds are embedded directly in pp 2007.

Curiously, if I save the file in PP2003 mode, and run it on an XP machine 
with PP2003, it runs fine.

I am not sure it this is a vista issue or a Office 2007 issue, but it is 
definitely frustrating.

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Sound from Clip Organizer

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animation, the file will only play ONCE.  Each time after that, it refuses to 
play.  I am not a novice using PowerPoint so this leaves me extremely 
frustrated that this is happening.  I know the process of changing the max 
sound file size, looping until stopped, playing it automatically, hiding it 
during show, etc., but for some reason and although this file is clearly 
EMBEDDED into the PPT, it will only play the ONE time and never again unless 
I delete it and re-insert it all over again (at which time it will still only 
play that ONE time).

I have even copied the sound file into the same folder my presentation is in 
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