music wav file won't play


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  • 1. Making the default monitor my secondary.
    Hi, my church uses powerpoint to project songs on a huge screen. right now we have about 200 songs typed up in powerpoint. Is there a way that I can have it so that default monitor is the secondary(projector)? because right now..before every song I have to hurry up and go to Slide Show>Set up Show> (and select the secondary monitor.......AND THEN PLAY THE PRESENTATION. That is a hassle, and a lot of times they start singing before I get a chance to display it. I hope there is way for this, or a way to batch conver each file to have the sec monitor checked. Also OFF TOPIC: is there a way that I can convert the 200 songs from ppt to pps all at once? thx
  • 2. Loss of animation
    Hello everybody, merry Christmas to you all. Can some helpful body help with the following 2 points 1. working in normal view slide design with two or three animation sequences listed in the opened custom animation panel , everything goes according to plan when the play button is selected. However, when the slide show is run none of the sequences occur. The entire slide appears as one. The slide object sequence times are less than the slide times so there is ample time for the sequences to happen before the slide progresses. How can the slide show be figured to run correctly 2. is there somewhere a star-burst fireworks animation ,finally filling the screen, can be obtained? Regards Kenneth
  • 3. excel font changes
    When I edit an excel table embeded in powerpoint 2003 with SP1 the font changes on the excel table. How do I keep the font from changing?
  • 4. I have ofice xp powerpoint at home , and 2000 at work need to mak.
    I have power point on my computer at home , I have office xp professional. I have been trying to make a presentation for work but every time i try to when I get to work and open it and everything is messed up. At work I belive we have office 2000 professional, I don't have time at work to work on this and I need to find a way to install same verson of powerpoint on my computer just for that reason. I don't want to get ride of mine just want to add a diffrent verson on my computer How do I do that and where can I find the right download and how do I know it's the right one, Someone please help me I'm running out of time, I just don't know what to do,PLEASE REPLY ASAP!!!! thank you ou can also send reply to XXXX@XXXXX.COM

RE: music wav file won't play

Postby Sm9obiBXaWxzb24 » Tue, 23 Jan 2007 16:54:00 GMT


Are you able to email me the file? If its too large you could use 
email john AT

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RE: music wav file won't play

Postby Z2F6 » Tue, 23 Jan 2007 19:42:04 GMT

Hi John,

I have e mailed you my presentation and the wav file song.  If you are able 
to embed the song and get to play i will be very happy.

If you have some luck embeddeding the file can you give me a brief reason as 
to why i couldn't get it to work.

Thanks Gaz

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