Embed sound in PowerPoint presentation


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Embed sound in PowerPoint presentation

Postby Robin Scott » Sun, 13 May 2007 10:54:16 GMT

Dear Friends

I'm writing to ask for your assistance with completing a PP presentation; 
I'm more than happy to pay you for your time.

I've put together a 20-slide show of pictures and quotes, currently at 2.8Mb 
although could probably be reduced further in size. I now want to set this 
to music with a 3:38 minute track from a Hayley Westenra CD - I've written 
to ask for copyright permission. I've taken the sound track from the CD with 
Windows Media Player, and then converted it from a WMA file to an MP3 file 
with WMAConvert. Using different compression settings, I've ended up with 
two versions, one at 3.16Mb, the other at 876k.

Since I want to be able to email the finished product, I've converted these 
two files to RIFF-WAV files, using CDex, so that I can embed the audio track 
into the .pps file. This is where I've run into a problem: although both 
files play perfectly well on their own, when I insert them into the .ppt 
file, I seem to be getting distortion on their time track. The 876k file 
stops playing halfway through the slide show; the 3.16Mb file cuts off 
abruptly 7 seconds before the end, which means I lose the nice long fade 
into the final slide, which spoils the whole effect. Also, clearly, I would 
prefer to use the smaller file, if possible, to keep the overall file size 
to a minimum.

Can you very kindly tell me how to do this, or do it for me and bill me for 
your time? Either way, I would be most grateful for your assistance.

Many thanks and kind regards, Robin Scott

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