running powerpoint in frontpage with action buttons HELP :-(


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running powerpoint in frontpage with action buttons HELP :-(

Postby VGVycmll » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 15:54:04 GMT

I have a local computer on which I have set up a webpage so that the parents 
at our school can view picture slideshows about what is happening in our 
school and also so they can see samples of the children's IT work.
The way that I have set it up is that I am trying to run slideshows ( Office 
2007) in a webpage set up on the local computer. Is there a better way??
I have learnt how to saved  the picture slideshows and publish them as a web 
page so that the navigation slides don't show when it is being viewed. The 
slides were set up to advance every few seconds. (At that stage, I thought I 
was going really well!) :-)
Then I found that the next set of slideshows that I need to put into the web 
have action buttons and hyperlinks to other pages in the slideshow. To show 
the slideshow the best, the viewer needs to click on action buttons (used as 
Is there any way that I can put these slideshows into the webpage so that 
the person viewing the slideshow can explore the links.I have tried saving 
them as a ppsx and this gives me exactly the effect I want (as far as the 
viewer being able to interact with the slideshow) but when I link them into 
the webpage, it reverts back to having the navigation panel.
HELP!!!! please!

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