Custom Animation Dim not working on last bulleted item


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Custom Animation Dim not working on last bulleted item

Postby UkwgRGFuaWVscw » Sun, 10 Jul 2005 10:12:03 GMT

I have set up the lists on my slides to enter in by: descend, fast, after 
previous, and dim to pale yellow.  My bullet lists vary in size and in the 
preview this all works fine.  When I run the slide show, the last bulleted 
item stays white when run automatically and if run by mouse click you have to 
click to turn it yellow.  Only on the slides where I have a graphic animating 
onto the scree; after the bulleted lists; does the last bullet dim.  One 
exception, one slide in this whole mess works and a chart that is set to 
enter with zoom is the next slide.  This is the same in three presentations I 
have created and none of them work.  Please help.
RL Daniels

Re: Custom Animation Dim not working on last bulleted item

Postby Bill Dilworth » Tue, 12 Jul 2005 07:44:37 GMT

So you have come up with your work-around, but may not recognized it.

Add an item off the slide (so the audience will not see it) and animate it 
to appear after the last item on your list.  this way your last list item 
will dim.

Bill Dilworth
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yahoo.             FAQ pages.  They answer most
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