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  • 1. event handler
    Is there an html code for enent handlers in Power Point?
  • 2. Power point 2003 hangs when ever I try to opem specific files
    I have power point 2003 installed along with office suite 2003 and I seem to have problem opening certain files in my machine when my friends could open the same in their machines thought they are picked from the same location. This happend only with certain files and not every file and I don't really seem to understand why only some when the some can be open in others machines. I have upgraded my display adapter to the latest based on inputs from Microsoft but doesn't seem to work. Could some body let me know what the problem is. -- Rajeev
  • 3. PowerPoint Viewer and Speaker Notes
    When I created a CD with "Package for CD" feature, I can't access the speaker notes during the slide show. PowerPoint opens with "Viewer".
  • 4. reapply default text box
    Hi, I accidentally deleted tex box from a slide and save it. How you I insert a new text which have all the features that I have set on master page? Thanks
  • 5. OT: (Hardware - Projector) Remote connection
    Being a long time behind the PPT person and not so often a meeting room setup tech, I am a little in the dark about a couple of things. Today I am wondering what mechanisms are used/preferred in connecting the PC running the presentation and the projector when the distances are greater than the length of the cable which came with the projector? Is it typically wireless, a long cable, both, something else, and if multiple choices exist, could some one fill in pros and cons or point me toward a good resource? Thank you. Rikk.


Postby K Murray » Mon, 22 Nov 2004 00:54:43 GMT

Is it possible to save a PowerPoint presentation or show as a screen saver?

Re: Saver

Postby Michael Koerner » Mon, 22 Nov 2004 01:38:00 GMT

Make a screensaver from PowerPoint

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                          Michael Koerner [MS PPT MVP]

Is it possible to save a PowerPoint presentation or show as a screen saver?

Re: Saver

Postby Luc » Mon, 22 Nov 2004 01:43:26 GMT

Have a look here:
"K Murray" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schreef in bericht 

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