Powerpoint Trouble


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  • 1. Integration of shockwave file in the powerpoint presentation
    Hi, How to insert a swf(shockwave file)in the powerpoint slids.I am using windows 2000. Regards Hemant
  • 2. Narrations: Moving the location of Sound (wav) files
    I have a whole bunch of presentations for which I attached voice narrations. I'm doing a major overhaul of all of then, but don't want to lose my originals. Therefore, I copy the whole director of powerpoint presentations, including a subdirectory that houses the narration Wav files, to a new directory. Unfortunately, the new location of Narrations is not recognized by the powerpoint files. The relative location of the ppt files and .wav files is the same, but, of course, the absolute location changed. Most office links figure this out and adjust accordingly. Apparently this is not so with powerpoint narrations. Is there any way to do a global search/replace to adjust/fix all the narration links? Thanks, Jim
  • 3. Thanks for the posts
    Thanks to all who replied to my question. I've send a feature wish to Microsoft for this one. My biggest problem with the absence of this feature is that the horizontal or vertical distribution of existing objects sometimes gets messed up when I add a new object (e.g. text box below or to the side) and align its center or middle relative to the existing one. Thanks again, all that input was useful.
  • 4. can i embed a midi file in ppt 2003
    I am trying to embed a midi file in a slide. When I insert it using the Insert / Sound from file option, it appears to be embedded, but when I play the presentation on another computer, the sound doesn't play. However, it doesn't appear on the Edit / Links menu as a link. Also, when I try to Package for CD, it can't find the file. I browse to it and get it copied on the CD, but it still doesn't play off the CD. So if it isn't embedded and it isn't linked, what is it and how do I get it to work?

Powerpoint Trouble

Postby rubyz909 » Thu, 13 Apr 2006 08:30:09 GMT

I have a powerpoint pressentation due and the topic is the moive
"CRASH". I would like to put in the trailer and possibly clip but I
cant seem to do it I NEED SOMEONES HELP.

I have tried saving clips to my hard drive then opening them up in
powerpoint but no dice.


RE: Powerpoint Trouble

Postby cmFqa29obGk » Thu, 13 Apr 2006 10:28:02 GMT

I think you are trying to open the movie clip in PowerPoint. You must import 
the clip in PowerPoint to make it properly. To do is, open the PowerPoint, 
click on "Insert Menu" and Point to "Movie and Sounds" then click on "Moview 
from File".

The supported format that you can import in PowerPoints are:

For more information about Inserting a Video Clip in PowerPoint, see:

Let us know, if it works.

Re: Powerpoint Trouble

Postby rubyz909 » Thu, 13 Apr 2006 10:43:05 GMT

Is there any way of saving a trailer clip from the internet and then
importing into the slide?

Re: Powerpoint Trouble

Postby rubyz909 » Thu, 13 Apr 2006 10:43:09 GMT

Is there any way of saving a trailer clip from the internet and then
importing into the slide?

Re: Powerpoint Trouble

Postby cmFqa29obGk » Thu, 13 Apr 2006 12:29:02 GMT

While downloading the clip you must check the format of the clip. Either you 
can download and save a clip, it very much depends on the web-site. Some 
sites only allow you to watch the clip.

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