Unwanted delay in Slide transition


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Unwanted delay in Slide transition

Postby anppZXNlbWFubg » Mon, 21 Jun 2004 13:23:01 GMT

Help!  I have my presentatuon all set up.  It is to be played during a song at a wedding.  There is so much unwanted delay.  I did the rehearsal...and it is perfect timing...then I run the slide show and there is SO MUCH delay sometimes 3 seconds between pictures...when in the rehearsal they are clicked immediately after one another. 

After each slide...there is another 2-3 second delay, before the slide starts.  I have tried putting trasitions between slides in, I've taken them out, I have re-done the rehearsal at least 10 times.  Nothing is working and it doesn't make sense!  I have even tried it on another computer...nothing!  Does anyone know what could be causing this!!??

RE: Unwanted delay in Slide transition

Postby johnlan » Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:10:17 GMT

CRITICAL UPDATE - Anyone using Office 2003 should install the critical
update as soon as possible. From PowerPoint, choose "Help -> Check for
[TOP ISSUE - Are you having difficulty opening presentations in PowerPoint
that you just created (you can save, but not open)? -


PowerPoint doesn't try to be a multimedia authoring tool, so it doesn't
support the kind of timing/synchronization that, perhaps, you are looking
for. For example, with media, it can only synchronize the BEGINNING of the
media to another event on the same slide. It cannot reliably synchronize
other events on the same slide or other slides with some offset from the
beginning of the media so, for example, you cannot predictably have slide
#5 transition 20 seconds into a sound file which began playing on slide
#1.The features for this degree of timing control are simply not built into
the product.

Part of this is because two completely different architectures are used.
For multimedia playback we use system API calls (PowerPoint has very little
control over what happens after the media has begun to play) while
animations and transitions are controlled using PowerPoint's built in
procedures. Then, add to that, system specific performance when it comes to
moving data between physical devices, virtual system memory and the memory
that PowerPoint is using, etc and, because tight synchronization was never
a design goal for PowerPoint, you will get variable playback even on the
same system because the state of the system resources and memory is
different than the last time the presentation was shown.

So, for example, if you want to sychronize animations and transitions with
something other than just the beginning of media playback (on same slide or
over multiple slides), you will get inconsistent results from system to
system or even on the same system (depending on what data is still cached
in virtual memory). For true synchronization you should look into tools
which output to a streaming format (such as movie), So, for example, if
synchronization is the primary factor for choosing the right tool and your
"presentation" consists primarily of photos (picture shows), a simple
application like "Microsoft Plus! Photo Story" is a much better tool than

If some kind of more deterministic, system independent, multimedia
synchronization with animations and transitions is important to you (or
anyone else reading this message) for Microsoft to consider for some future
version of PowerPoint (or if it's not possible, perhaps features within
PowerPoint to help you avoid trying to sychronize something that we can't
guarantee will always be synchronized), so you don't have to attempt to
exporting to other formats (movies, shockwave flash, etc.), which would
result is some loss of formatting and/or fidelity, don't forget to send
your feedback (in YOUR OWN WORDS, please) to Microsoft at:


It's VERY important that, for EACH wish, you describe in detail, WHY it is
important TO YOU that your product suggestion be implemented. A good wish
submssion includes WHAT scenario, work-flow, or end-result is blocked by
not having a specific feature, HOW MUCH time and effort ($$$) is spent
working around a specific limitation of the current product, etc. Remember
that Microsoft re

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