.mpg m-disaster


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.mpg m-disaster

Postby chrisg » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:38:39 GMT

I am familiar with linking the videos, their required 
location etc. I do that all the time with great success. 
The issue I have is that sometimes .mpg files simply will 
not play on some folks machines. I was hoping it was 
something I did in the prep of the .ppt, but it sounds 
like it is a sysem specific issues that may be too 
overwheling to fix. I have used .avi files with great 
success, unfortunately they tend to be HUGE files and we 
are looking to trim down.

RE: .mpg m-disaster

Postby UFBUTWFnaWNpYW4 » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:57:03 GMT

Hi Chris,

Check this out:


Re: .mpg m-disaster

Postby Adam Crowley » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 04:42:14 GMT

Are you talking MPEG1 or MPEG2?
Generally MPEG1 files should play on most machines (subject to multimedia
settings not being hijacked) but MPEG2 playback (particularly from
PowerPoint) is, as you describe, very system dependent

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Playback of .avi files didn't create a problem, but playing back an .mpg
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never all come back, etc etc.

So, please, is there some registry setting or text file somewhere that 
specifies which file extensions Explorer can make thumbnails for, so I 
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Paul Speller

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