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  • 1. Hyperlink bugs
    I've created the jeopardy game in powerpoint, with point level hyperlinked to a question, which in turn is hyperlinked to the answer, which in turn is hyperlinked back to the main board where the process begins again. My problem is that by the time, I've correctly linked all the questions and answers, somehow one or more of the hyperlinks gets incorrectly links to an incorrect one. This can happen at any of the three levels. I did the same thing before on powerpoint 2000 with no problem. Is there a maximum number of hyperlinks I can have in a slideshow? Is there a way to see a global view of all the hyperlinks to see what's going on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    How do I change the font size of the footer page numbers? Once I get to page 100, the second '0' drops down to the next line so it looks like this: 10 0 rather than like this: 100
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    Has anyone seen Snap to Shape suddenly stop snapping to other shapes? It's still enabled, but it's like it doesn't recognize other shapes when I move an object. It works when I crop or maybe draw another shape (sometimes), but not always to the shapes that already exist. It's like it got tired. Then, as suddenly as it stopped working, it starts working again - with the very shapes it refused to work with before. Not just my machine or my version either, I've seen it on many computers going back years. I just never took the time to research why it does this and if there is a solution. I'll look for a trend, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone already has a heads up on this. I'm using XP mostly. Thanks, Chuck
  • 4. Presenter View VS desplayed view
    Can I set up a presentation so what is displayed from a viewer is different from what is on my laptop screen. I want the full slide show to view on the audience screen but my view on my laptop to have the speaker notes view, so I can refer to my notes without the audience seeing them. I am sure I am not saying this right but if anyone knows what I mean can they help... Ian

Slide not showing

Postby Pat » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 05:49:04 GMT

I have taken an existing powerpoint presentation 
(legally!) and adapted it by changing the colors text 
etc.  I also added in a couple of slide through 
duplication.  These slides show up in the layout view but 
do not play or show in the slideshow or preview mode.  It 
automatically advances to the next slide as if the added 
slide doesn't exist.
I'm assuming it's a setting somewhere but have been 
looking for hours to no avail.
Can someone direct me?  I would appreciate it!
Thanks, Pat

Re: Slide not showing

Postby Kathryn Jacobs » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 05:53:36 GMT

Hi Pat,
Here are two things to check:
1) Check to see if there is a custom show set up (Slide Show-> Custom Show)
2) Check to see if your new slides are set to be hidden slides (Look at them
in Slide sorter view and see if the slide icon has a red line through it)

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Re: Slide not showing

Postby Pat » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 08:54:55 GMT

Thanks for responding!  Both of those things are 
negative.  No custom slideshows set up and no red lines 
in across the slide in the slide sorter view.
In my research - I did come across some info stating 
potential problems with images not showing from a 
previous version of powerpoint.  I didn't look too 
closely because this is the entire slide.  I'll go back 
and recheck that info.  I did resave the program in the 
current version - maybe that has something to do with 
it?  Any other ideas you may have would be helpful! :)

Show-> Custom Show)
slides (Look at them
line through it)
whatever else there is
difference that we lived


Re: Slide not showing

Postby Pat » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 09:29:13 GMT

No they didn't but I found the solution! :) WHEW!
I don't quite understand why but....
When I added the text animation there was a setting 
under "Timing" "Trigger"  I changed it from "Start effect 
on click of" to "animate as part of click sequence".

And Voila!  The slide appeared in the slide show again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help an 
(obviously) newbie out.

Sorter view look at the
and a slash through



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