Objects in PPT disappear after the animation finishes


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Objects in PPT disappear after the animation finishes

Postby Sm9l » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 07:03:01 GMT

Yeah, so I'm putting together a powerpoint for my presentation. However, 
after crafting a couple animations, I encountered a problem. After using some 
of the entrance animations, the objects coming in do not stay on the slide. 
For example, using APPEAR on one of the objects, after it appears, it 
promptly disappears. Also, this happens when using fade and compress. 

While this thoroughly perplexes me, this isn't the end. On other slides, the 
same animation does not come up with the same problem. Using appear doesn't 
cause it to disappear after the animation finishes, and similar to the other 

I'd like to keep these objects on the slide without disappearing until I 
move onto the next slide. I'd also like to accomplish this without putting in 
another DISAPPEAR animation because that would add in another click, then 
result in an empty slide before moving on.

I'm currently using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. 

Re: Objects in PPT disappear after the animation finishes

Postby Lucy Thomson » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 08:18:00 GMT

Hi Joe

Click on the little down arrow next to the animation of the offending 
object(s) -> effect options -> check that 'after animation' is set to 'don't 

You don't need to have objects disappear between slides (unless you want 
them to) - just transition to the next one.


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor

Re: Objects in PPT disappear after the animation finishes

Postby Sm9l » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 08:26:01 GMT

Yeah, I have already tried that. The "after animation" is set to "don't dim" 
and it still disappears after the animation has ended. I have come up with a 
temporary solution, running a secondary animation that changes the font of a 
word on the slide to the font it is already set at. However, I'd like to find 
a more permanent solution.

Re: Objects in PPT disappear after the animation finishes

Postby Lucy Thomson » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 10:36:59 GMT

Hmmm. Do you have auto transitions set? Is this happening when using the 
preview button in edit mode and/or in slide show mode? What else is on the 
slide & do they also have animations?


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor

Re: Objects in PPT disappear after the animation finishes

Postby Sm9l » Sat, 06 Jun 2009 04:48:01 GMT

eah, on one of the slide, there is a text box that has no animation. It
also has a title that does not have any animation. The object that has
animation is a copy-pasted picture that has a fade animation. This animation
disappears after the animation finishes.

On another slide, there is a title and text box that has no animation. The
object on this slide that has an animation is a copy-pasted picture that also
has a fade animation. However, this animation does not disappear after the
animation finishes.

On another slide, there are 3 pictures on top of each other, along with a
title. On click, the first picture shows up, and on the 2nd click, the first
picture disappears(set by my animation) and the 2nd picture shows up via
"Diamond," and on 3rd click, a 3rd picture shows up via "Appear" and the 2nd
picture disappears(set by my animation). After the 3rd click and the
animation finishes, the final picture disappears.

I also don't have auto transitions set. There are no slide transitions
either, and it happens both during the preview and in slide show mode.

"Lucy Thomson" wrote:

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