Best way to retrieve Windows OS edition of all server class on a network.



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    If you want the output of a PowerShell command to be produced in ASCII encoding from a simple output redirection operator like >, you can use an embedded non-interactive PowerShell session via cmd.exe For example cmd /c "powershell help about_profiles >about_profiles.txt" I'm guessing that there will be scope gotcha's that get in the way of using this in general, and there's always the option to pipe output to Out_File with -encoding ASCII help about_profiles | Out-File -encoding ASCII about_profiles.txt But for simple captures in ASCII, there it is. - Larry
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Best way to retrieve Windows OS edition of all server class on a network.

Postby jona » Thu, 24 Dec 2009 06:01:21 GMT


Does anyone have a good way to retrieve Windows Edition of all the servers on a network?  List of servers can be retrieved from from AD or a text file.  I just need to have the output to have server name and Windows Edition its running on.

Thanks for the help.


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Full-Text Search with SQL Server 2000

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