Inconsistent resolution of "."



  • 1. generic error with Get-WmiObject
    I've tried executing the following code on computers that are running XP, Vista, and 2003 server: get-wmiObject -class "win32_printer" It works on all of these except for one. On one server(, I get an error message that says "Get-WmiObject : Generic failure". I've spent a lot of time trying to find a solution to this, but so far nothing has helped. I'm running this on the server and not remotely and also successfully ran this on several other 2003 servers. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to get around this? Thanks.
  • 2. Lookup values
    Hello I have a long and horrible script and I am right at the end of it and am stuck. The situation is I have two csv files formatted like this: \\filepath\filename,username I run a compare on the file name to find all files that exist in both lists with the following command: compare-object $(import-csv users1.csv) $(import-csv users2.csv) -property "open file (path\executable)" -syncwindow 100 -includeequal | export-csv users3.csv This only compares the file names, exports the results back to a csv file. Now what i want to do is include the usernames from the original csv files. I cant find a way to run the compare-object that includes data in the output but not in the compare itself. What I think would work is to run some kind of lookup for the file column and to add another column to that csv file that will include the username from the previous file... like this in but in powershell code... Import-csv users3.csv lookup columnA in users1.csv add the relevent username to users3.csv Anyone got a solution if this is possible? Thanks!
  • 3. Simple regex question
    Hi I'm sure this is quite simple in relation to some Regex nasties I've seen Can someone please explain how I include the "\" in the following unfinished statement please? - it doesn't like the "\" in it's current format if ($split -notmatch "^BUILTIN\users"){ Thanks in advance -- XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Re: Inconsistent resolution of "."

Postby Lee Holmes [MSFT] » Sun, 20 Aug 2006 08:44:38 GMT

Hi Alex;

You're running into a side-effect of this: 

In our Cmdlets, we can leverage your current PowerShell path to resolve 
relative paths.  The .Net framework has no concept of the current PowerShell 
working path, so it (rightly) uses the working directory of the Process.

This is simply something to be aware of when using relative paths with the 
.Net framework.

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