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  • 1. "Not A Working Copy" Rails/Subversion/Tortoise Plugin Error.
    I have no idea how that got posted twice, but whatever. Anyway. I finally figured out what I may have done to cause my problem. After adding it to my repository, I removed the plugin in question and then reinstalled it, thus stripping out all the .svn info. I'm surprised tortoise/subversion had such a hard time with this and couldn't recover with a clean-up command. Oh well.. I guess the tip to avoid this in the future to is commit my unintsalls of plugins as files deleted before reinstalling. -Mario
  • 2. "Not A Working Copy" Rails/Subversion/Tortoise Plugin Error.
    Hey, I was getting this error using subversion with tortoise. I had some "obstructed" directories that were created by activescaffold. I was told to clean up the repository, but everytime I tried I got an error that the activescaffold directories in question were "not a working copy" I couldn't delete the files, and even after moving them outside of my rails app, I would recreate the dir, copy only the raw files and still get the same damn error. I finally figured out the solution. I'm posting this here, hoping it saves someone an hour or two. The problem is caused when there is a directory in your repository of the same name, but there on your local copy those files were never a part of SVN. MY SOLUTION: Somehow the directories were already committed. I didn't do it, I guess when you install a plugin it somehow gets into the subversion repository with my actually committing. Some tortoise bug. Anyway. Try moving all the offending directories out of there and then just do an update and it should download all the files your trying to commit. If you changed anything since you installed your plugin (like a config file), you'll have to move all working copy versions over working base versions that subversion downloaded from your repository.

What is it

Postby hugo » Tue, 21 Mar 2006 20:56:28 GMT


Re: What is it

Postby Dave » Wed, 22 Mar 2006 21:10:13 GMT

Dunno, it's all in foreign.  Translate "Zostae ju dzi ugryziony tak 
wiec nie jestes zagroony!" (sorry if that's rude, I just copied and 
pasted from the site; I have no idea what it means) and maybe I'll have 
another look.

Some sort of online game perhaps?


Re: What is it

Postby Oliver Wong » Thu, 23 Mar 2006 06:46:14 GMT

    It's Polish for "You've been bitten." (plus some other stuff I didn't 
understand). The "goal" is for you to sign up an account, which gives you a 
unique URL. (notice the "uid=36730" part). You then try to trick as many 
people as possible into clicking the link as possible, and the site keeps 
track of how many unique people (perhaps via IP address?) you've tricked. 
Whoever tricks the most people wins.

    I tend not to participate in these games, because I consider it a form 
of encouraging spam.

    - Oliver 

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