Linux protocol.rb and smtp.rb problem[FIXED]



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    Hi all! What are the best practices concerning directory structures for Ruby programs? I want to run tests using Cucumber and RSpec, so referring to the RSpec book I created a features/ and spec/ folders for the tests, a lib/ folder for my code, and a bin/ folder for all that shall be executed. What do I need to roll out my own Gem, if needed? What is the expected distribution format of a gem? Also, is there a way to pack the app for distribution for Linux, Windows, and Mac? -- Thank you for your brain. -MrZombie

Re: Linux protocol.rb and smtp.rb problem[FIXED]

Postby Zach Dennis » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 05:09:16 GMT

The problem had to due to line endings. On a Windows machine it appears that
the protocol.rb file allows you to pass in parameters with a CRLF on the
end. It works! On a Linux machine it didn't.

Solution: I 'chomp'ed the line endings off.


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